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Fill out this quick form to recommend a qualifying publisher and get US $500 if they generate over US $500 in any of their first 3 months with Publift!

There’s no better compliment than when a happy customer refers us to another publisher who can benefit from our services. We thank you for your continued support.

Who should I refer?

- As many publishers as you like!
- Publishers earning over US $1,000/ month in ad revenue
- Publishers who are approved by Google

The fine print

The referrer must be a current client of Publift’s at the time commission is payable in order to participate in the Referral Program. If the referrer severs their partnership with Publift during the referred publisher’s initial 3 months, no payment will be owed.

Payments will be made to the referrer’s bank account and in the currency of preference on file with Publift. The US $500 payment will be made in full once the referred publisher has earned over US $500 in any of their first 3 months with Publift.

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