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Thailand-based site Chordzaa is a hub for all things music. They provide the chords and lyrics for thousands of songs across a number of genres. Site owner Anupon reached out to Publift looking to explore some new opportunities for banner positions. After a presentation from our team, he was confident in our ability to deliver and decided to sign on with us right away. 

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The Challenge

Unlike other publishers we work with, Anupon wasn't looking to drastically change Chordzaa’s pre existing ad setup. The site already had a number of banner and video ads, most of which he wanted to remain relatively untouched. This added an extra layer of complexity for our team, as most of the quality ad space was already taken. In addition, Anupon only wanted to focus on:

  • banner, sticky, and interstitial units to begin with,
  • and understandably wasn't willing to compromise the site's UX either. 

The Approach

  • The first thing our team did was retain the existing units, as per Anupon's wish, and added larger sizes where appropriate.
  • We also took notice of the site’s high average visit duration and applied our in-view dynamically capping refresh to ads with high viewability. This solution allowed us to safely refresh units to grow impressions and revenue. This also eliminates the risk of over-refreshing for users that spend more than 10 minutes on the site, which is often.
  • For further desktop optimization, we suggested additional vertical ad units on the sides of the site's main pages, namely for larger monitor screens, and implemented our new scrolling sticky footer, all leaving UX untouched.
  • For mobile, the implementation of our interscroller unit was key, with the majority of his site traffic arriving via such devices. 

The Results

Overall, we've far exceeded our initial projection of the site's potential.

  • In their first month with Publift, Chordzaa saw a 1587% increase in page RRM,
  • resulting in an enormous 1550% increase in net revenue.
  • By the third month, we were able to increase Chordzaa’s page RPM by 660% and subsequently, their revenue by 513%! 

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