What is Fuse?

Fuse is an all-in-one programmatic advertising solution for web and app publishers.

Fuse is powered by a single piece of code that brings together all of the essential elements needed to maximize programmatic ad revenue on your site.

And, because our ad management system can be managed remotely, we take the guesswork out of keeping across all the latest technology, industry changes and partnerships so you can focus on what you do best – creating great content.

Fuse is conveniently built to function after a one-time implementation. Set up your tags once and stay optimized for a lifetime. Once your tags are on the page, our expert team will be able to test, analyze and optimize your setup to maximize revenue. New partners, new demand, new technology and new ad layouts can be added with just the click of a button. You won't need to change the code on your page from an advertising perspective ever again.

Here are some key optimizations offered through our Fuse tag:

  • Real-time optimization of demand partners in header bidding stack
  • Auction dynamic optimization to maximize revenue whilst minimizing page latency
  • Intelligent ad size, placement and format modification
  • Smart viewability parameter optimization functions

Getting started is easy. We built it that way.

To start experiencing the power of Fuse on your site, simply replace your current AdSense, Ad Manager, AdMob or third-party tag/ SDKs with our Fuse technology.

No need to be a tech genius to get Fuse and running either – we’ve designed it for even the most inexperienced users. But don’t worry, you’re never on your own. Our team of programmatic platform experts will help get you onboard fast and work with you to optimize your site and maximize revenue.

  • Simple setup - The Fuse platform was designed to take away the complexities of ad tech.
  • All in one place - A seamless solution combining the best ad partners in an intuitive dashboard.
  • It's easy. Truly - No need for 'techpertise' - we manage it for you.