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Our Story

Publift was founded in 2015, by a couple of brainy ex-Googlers who had a big idea (as they do). Their vision was to become the first platform to give digital publishers (website/ blog owners) and app publishers (or developers) access to hard-to-reach premium advertising partners.

Publift CEO Colm Dolan knew how important ad revenue was for small to mid-sized businesses and could see that publishers needed help understanding the ad tech landscape to get the most out of the ads on their websites.

Paired with simplified, cutting-edge programmatic advertising technology and impartial, ethical guidance, Publift has grown to serve over 250 clients across 60 countries.

This focus has helped Publift to become the proud winners of The Drum APAC Best Sell-Side Technology for Programmatic Trading in October 2019, make the top ten in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50, pick up the Google Certified Publishing Partner Transformer Award and gain recognition by The Australian Financial Review & Statista as one of Australia's Fast Starters 2020.

Publift is a Google Certified Publishing Partner with a humble but mighty team loaded with expertise, passion and a cracking sense of humour.

Founded in
by two ex-Googlers
We've partnered with
publishers around the world
Our clients see an average
ad revenue uplift
We've helped to grow businesses in
countries around the world

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Meet the team

“We’re obsessive about growing our publishers’ businesses and are relentless in driving revenue for our customers.”

Colm Dolan

Ceo & Founder

“I ran the New York Marathon in under 4 hours!”


Carlos Perez

Executive Director

“If you don’t know where you are going, it’s pretty hard to get there.”


Tristan Blakers

Chief technical officer

"I operated a tomato paste machine in 2002, and produced 30% of Australia's supply. So if you ate tomato paste that year..."


David Bickell

Head of operations

"I change hobbies like I change clothes! My most recent is woodworking."


Ben Morrisroe

Head of Sales & Marketing

“I have a duck called Basil and have been in the Arctic Circle.”


Brock Munro

Product Lead

“My only child is my King Charles Cavalier named Fergus!”

James Nielsen

James Nielsen

Head of onboarding

"If you think you can do a job - that's confidence.  If you actually can do it - that's competence."


Nick Dunlop

Regional Lead

“I used to be a wedding DJ!”


Nate Watanasuwan

Account Lead

“I was ordained as a Buddhist monk for one month.”


Sei Castro

Remote Team Lead

“I’m really into mountain climbing.”


Roddy O'Caoimh


“I completed an 80km downwind kitesurf in Brazil with no stoppages. My legs are still in recovery!”


Jianzheng Loh

Technical Account Manager

“I once drove from Melbourne to Sydney without any stops.”


Vic Vasudevan

Technical Account Manager

“I climbed a mountain of sand when it was 45°C.”


Pyit Phyo Aung

Senior Software Engineer

“I have a son who shows me the whole world through different lenses.”


Adam De Cruz

Senior Software Engineer

“I'm a fan of Nine Inch Nails and Charli XCX.”


Daniella Hapa

Account Coordinator

“My hobbies are eating and thinking about what I’m going to eat next.”


Seema Ponnamma

Technical Account coordinator

“I acted as a child actress in an Indian movie.”


Beaven Nyanzero


“Grit can protect you from burnout and turmoil.”


Phillip Massad

campaign manager

“Your only limitation is you.”


Harsh Shah

publisher success

“I once climbed to the top of Africa.”


Shanie Castro

Account coordinator

"I love Mickey Mouse!"


Raymond Pineda

Account coordinator

“Adventure is out there”


Hijas Shrestha

integration consultant

“I once jumped off a plane, a bridge and a cliff.”


Naomi Khor

marketing associate

“I didn't do anything Hijas did."

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