This notice sets out how Publift Pty Limited (Publift) use cookies and similar technologies. This notice should be read alongside Publift’s Privacy Notice

What are cookies?
A cookie is data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer or device by the user’s web browser. The cookie is stored for a period of time.

Types of cookies used by Publift
Publift may use different types of cookies, including:

  1. First-party cookies are cookies that Publift may deploy on Publift’s website and gathers information from. 
  2. Third-party cookies are cookies that a third party may deploy on Publift’s website.

Cookies may have different durations including:

  1. Session cookies are cookies that expire once you end your browsing session.
  2. Persistent cookies are cookies that are stored on your device for longer periods of time than a browsing session and may be used to remember your preferences such as remembering your Publift dashboard login details.

How are cookies used by Publift?
Publift uses cookies for different purposes including:

  1. Strictly necessary purposes – to provide essential services to you such as allowing you to use the Publift website or Publift Dashboard.
  2. Functionality purposes - to perform helpful functions on the Publift website.
  3. Authentication purposes – to allow Publift to “remember” that you logged in to the dashboard and provide you with logged-in dashboard functions.
  4. Analytical purposes - to allow Publift to analyse user behaviour on an aggregate and anonymized level so that we can improve Publift’s website and offerings. We store information such as IP addresses for our internal business insights.
  5. Advertising purposes - to allow Publift and third party partners such as ad network partners to track your browsing behaviour across the website and publisher websites and serve advertising based on that behaviour.
  6. Marketing purposes - to allow Publift to adjust its marketing strategies to user interests and to report on the success of campaigns.

What are tags?
Tags are small pieces of code added to websites which may gather and measure certain information. Publift’s key offering is the Fusetag which is implemented via javascript. Publift primarily uses the Fusetag to perform helpful functions on our publishers’ websites such as advertising.

Interest-based advertising
Interest-based advertising means using behavioural information about a person online to show them advertising more likely to be of interest to them. This doesn’t mean that you receive more advertising. Instead, you will see what is more likely to be appropriate and of interest to you. For example, if you are browsing cars with cookies enabled, we may serve you with a car advertisement where you would have otherwise seen a boat advertisement.

In some circumstances, the information Publift or its third party partners collects via cookies may be linked to other information Publift and other third party partners hold about a user, such as a user’s other browsing activity. This data may be used by third party partners to provide personalised advertising including advertising across devices linked to the same IP address. 

We partner with third party partners that collect information across various channels, including offline and online, for the purpose of delivering more relevant advertising to you. Our partners use this information to recognise you across different channels and platforms over time for advertising, analytics, attribution, and reporting purposes. Cookie data and other data may be made available to third parties via advertising exchanges or other data sharing platforms for this purpose.

Your cookie options

Changing your cookie preferences

You can change your cookie preferences for all websites by changing your browser settings. Most browsers automatically accept cookies so you may need to actively delete or block the cookies. For instructions on deleting or blocking cookies, you may visit If you reject the use of cookies, some Publift functions may not work properly. If you continue to use the Publift website without deleting or rejecting cookies, you agree that we can place these cookies on your device.

Opt out of personalised online advertising

If you don’t want to block all cookies, you can opt out of most personalised online advertising via and  These opt outs are device-specific, so remember to opt out from all of your devices. These methods also rely on the use of “opt out” cookies themselves. If you reset your cookies or use a browser such as Safari which blocks third party cookies, your opt out preferences cannot be “seen” by websites and therefore cannot be adhered to by websites.

You may also be able to opt out of some online advertising via our website’s online consent tool.

Contextual advertising and advertising-specific device identifiers

Please note that none of the actions above will prevent contextual advertising. Contextual advertising is the serving of advertisements which best suit the context of the type of website you are visiting. For example, if you click on an editorial piece reviewing restaurants, you are more likely to see restaurant advertisements on that page.

The actions above also do not prevent the use of advertising-specific device identifiers (for Android devices) and Advertising Identifiers (for Apple devices). For information about how to reset these identifiers, and other device specific usage information, please contact your device manufacturer directly.

Third party cookie providers

Publift uses a number of third party service providers.  This section provides specific information relating to the main providers, the function of these cookies, and where you can learn more:

Third party cookie
What is collected?
How does Publift use this?
More info / opt out?

Ad network partner and other third party partner cookies
Publift works with a number of ad network partners and other third party partners who may collect information across various channels, including offline and online, for the purpose of delivering more relevant advertising to you on our publisher websites via the Fusetag. Our ad network partners and other third party partners use this information to recognise you across different channels and platforms over time for advertising, analytics, attribution, and reporting purposes. 

You may review the privacy notices of our ad network partners and third party partners to see what information they collect about you. Our current ad network partners and third party partners include:

Ad Network Partner
Privacy Notice
Consent Management Platforms
Privacy Notice
Other Third Parties
Privacy Notice

Contact us

If you wish to enquire about our use of cookies, tags or similar technologies, please contact us at

For individuals who reside in the United Kingdom, we have appointed Law Squared as our Article 27 representative under the United Kingdom GDPR. If you want to contact us about your rights under the United Kingdom GDPR, please use the details below:

Law Squared 
c/o Publift Pty Ltd 
The Stanley Building 
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King's Cross, London 
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Does this policy change?
This policy may change over time. All changes will be published on this website. 

Version 1 (April 2024)