Find out what are our new clients most curious about. We've answered the important questions to help you make the right business decisions.

Question 1

What is Publift?

Publift is a programmatic advertising technology company that helps publishers maximize ad revenue so they can focus on building great content and growing their business.

Question 2

What services do Publift offer?

Our all-in-one Fuse programmatic platform for web and app publishers gives you access to a world of programmatic ad tech, partners & reporting in one place, with one simple tag. We can help with header and exchange bidding processes, PMP deal management, AB testing, ad layout & optimization, ad-block monetization, and more.

Question 3

How can Publift help me increase my ad revenue?

By implementing header bidding with a range of premium demand partners and focusing on maximising the viewability and view time of key ad units, we help you drive up the value advertisers receive from your ad inventory. This results in increased average CPMs, growth in revenue per page views, and increased fill rate on your site. You can find more about how Publift is helping publishers in one of our case studies.

Question 4

Where is the Publift team based?

Our headquarters are in Sydney, with offices in Melbourne, Ireland, and the US. We also work with teams in the Philippines and Singapore. We're flexible with our time, so time zones aren't an issue.

Question 5

Will your tech work in my country?

Yes, we have clients in 60 countries around the world, and relationships with over 30 demand partners which allow us to have demand and advertisers in every corner of the globe! We'll pick the best partners for you.

Question 6

Why should I choose Publift?

On top of our award-winning technology that will increase your ad revenue, you can count on us to take care of your users and keep them happy. At Publift, our mission is to empower publishers so that they can feel safe and secure for the long run. We’re not here for quick-wins - we’re into building long term partnerships with our clients, because when you grow, we grow. Find out more about why we’re the best partner for you here.

Question 7

How long does onboarding take?

Approximately 1 week, depending on devoted resources on your side. The longest process is the detailed analysis of your website conducted by our Account Management team. After this, tag implementation on your site is required. Following the live date, we will continue to test and optimize your setup to maximize performance.

Question 8

Are there any lock-in contracts?

There are no lock-in contracts at Publift! You’re free to leave if you ever need to.

Question 9

How do payments work?

We issue payments via direct bank transfer in the currency of your choice. All Google revenue is paid every 30 days and all other revenue from other networks is paid in 3 months arrears. Google revenue should make up approximately 70% of your revenue so you won't see any decrease in the first 3 months compared to your current revenue.

Question 10

Will Publift tags impact my site speed?

Our tags are built on top of your Google tags. All header bidding tags will come with some added latency to the page as we need to provide some time for the partners to respond with a bid. Our tags are extremely light-weight, pass back no redirects and are built with speed in mind. We also have full control over the bid time-out and can optimize the auction length to improve ad speed.

Question 11

Will Publift change the layout of my website?

During onboarding, we will conduct a full and detailed analysis of your site's current performance and will build out our recommended ad optimization sheet and mockups for you based on this analysis and the layout we think will perform best. We get a significant proportion of the revenue uplift from these optimizations. However, you have the final say on everything. These are just suggestions based on the data we have, and it’s always completely up to you whether you want to go ahead with them or not.

Question 12

Can I block certain ad categories?

Yes. We work with you to block ad categories and specific advertisers. We have a range of technology to reduce the risk of any spam ads. We also have a chrome extension we built called Adwizard which allows you to block ads on your site automatically by clicking on them!

Question 13

Can I still do this if I'm not technically inclined?

Of course! No need for "techpertise". To start experiencing the power of Fuse on your site, simply replace your current AdSense or third-party tag with our simple line of code. No need to be a tech genius to get the tag up and running either - we've designed it for even the most inexperienced users. But don't worry, you're never on your own. Our team of programmatic platform experts will help get you onboard fast and work with you to optimize your site and maximize revenue.

Question 14

Will visitors see a lot of ads?

We prioritise user experience above all. If ads heavily impact the user experience, users will stop coming back and revenue will be impacted even more. We stick closely to the Coalition For Better Ads standards and make sure ads are placed in a way that balances both revenue and the user. There are lots of ad formats and strategies Publift will not implement in order to stand by this as a principle but we believe that ultimately it leads to the long term success of a publisher.

Question 15

How much control will I have over my website?

All of it! You have the final say on everything. We provide you with suggested layouts, ad formats etc. and give you the reasoning behind them but it's up to you whether you want to go ahead with them or not.

Question 16

What is Adwizard?

Adwizard is a free industry-leading ad ops extension built by Publift to help you analyze the ads appearing on your website. 

Publift understands the importance of transparency and brand safety for publishers. In addition to providing details about your ad inventory, Adwizard allows you to view ad bidding information in real-time along with the functionality to easily block unwanted ads.

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