5 Best Mediavine Alternatives for Publishers in 2024

Brock Munro
October 20, 2022
July 10, 2024
5 Best Mediavine Alternatives for Publishers in 2024

Publishers worried about attracting enough revenue through ads will likely want to partner with an automatic ad management platform.

Mediavine is a well-known ad management platform that has helped publishers maximize their ad revenue for some time. It acts as an ad manager, allowing publishers to focus on creating quality content for their audience.

However, Mediavine might not always be the best fit for you, depending on your ad strategy. For instance, becoming a Mediavine partner isn’t possible for those just starting out, given that the platform requires websites to have at least 50,000 unique monthly visitors (up from 25,000 previously) before being able to use its service.

Moreover, you might not be satisfied with how Mediavine decides the type and amount of ads that are shown on your website. Publishers that create quality content and have great growth potential probably don’t want to compromise how they run the ads.  

The good news is that there are Mediavine alternatives that allow you to boost your website’s revenue while affording greater flexibility. If you’re interested in Mediavine alternatives, then this article is for you. Join us as we discuss the five best Mediavine alternatives for publishers.

5 Best Mediavine Alternatives

1. Publift

2. Ezoic

3. Monumetric

4. AdThrive

5. Google AdSense

1. Publift


Publift is a Google-certified programmatic ad platform that helps publishers improve their ad revenue by optimizing their pages and connecting them with the right ad partners. 

The platform provides its partners with ad layout optimization, price automation, ad-block monetization and the Adwizard extension for Chrome, which provides publishers insights about a particular web page’s ads.

Publift also offers excellent real-time reporting and deals, so publishers can track their ad revenue and quickly make informed decisions.

Some of Publift’s features include a free website or app audit, ad revenue calculator and customizable solutions for its partners.  

If you’re looking for one of the best CPM ad networks, Publift could be a great Mediavine alternative for established publishers, given that it serves high-quality ads that have a minimum impact on user experience while also advising publishers on beneficial site changes.


Publift mostly works with established publishers and its partnership requirements are not dissimilar to Mediavine’s. This means it might not be the right platform for newer publishers.

To partner with Publift, you’ll need: 

  • At least $2,000 per month in ad revenue
  • More than 500,000 page views per month  
  • Consistent and genuine traffic, which excludes seasonal traffic  
  • Content that is safe and legal. 


  • Payment: Every 30 days
  • Payment threshold: $50
  • Payment method: Bank transfer in the currency of your choice
  • Lock-in contract: None


  • Publift doesn’t require an exclusive annual contract, meaning publishers can end their partnership at any time if they find the service doesn’t meet their needs  
  • Publift is independent, so continues to evolve its mix of technologies to better benefit its publishing partners
  • Excellent reporting on revenue and deals ensures publishers are always up-to-date 
  • It provides great flexibility in running ads on websites
  • Great customer support around the clock.


  • High monthly requirements mean new publishers aren’t a great fit
  • Fewer non-conventional advertising options.
An image of a publisher testimonial. The review reads “62% Uplift in Ad Revenue. I have no problem at all recommending Publift. We switched from our previous ad provider and saw an average 62% daily increase in ad RPM. It was easy working with the implementation team - they were quick and open to our changes and suggestions, and along with their changes, the move was a success. - Cameron Wilmot, Australia.

2. Ezoic

Ezoic is another Google-certified partner and best ad network for publishers that uses artificial intelligence and big data technologies to automate and optimize ad placements.

It also provides its partners with solutions on SEO, page loading speed, and user experience to ensure excellent site performance. 

Ezoic could be a great fit for newer publishers, as it doesn’t require a sizable number of monthly visitors. It also provides its partners with flexible options, meaning you can try out other services in parallel to Ezoic.  


Ezoic is a great Mediavine alternative for smaller publishers, as it doesn’t have a high qualification bar.

Here’s what you need to partner with Ezoic: 

  • Ezoic has two different plans for websites that either have more than 10,000 page views or less
  • Unique and relevant content that adheres to Google’s publisher policies
  • An informational and content-rich website.


  • Payment: Every 45 days
  • Payment threshold: $20
  • Payment method: Direct bank transfer, including Payoneer, PayPal, and check. 
  • Lock-in contract: None


  • Lower requirements make it attractive for new publishers and bloggers to grow their ad revenue
  • No requirement for exclusivity, meaning you can work with similar service providers
  • Ezoic can help tackle issues such as load speed slowdown when displaying ads
  • The platform has a low payment threshold
  • Free speed tools and training sessions help users learn the ins and outs of ad tech in a short period
  • Great customer support. 


  • The platform might not be the best fit for eCommerce and corporate websites looking to earn money through ads
  • Initial installation and configuration could be difficult for users with limited technical knowledge.  

3. Monumetric

Formerly known as The Blogger Network, Monumetric is one of the most popular Mediavine alternatives for bloggers and small publishers. That being said, this platform provides management and ad optimization services for all levels of publishers.

Unlike some other online advertising networks that target a specific niche, Monumetric offers plans for everyone. Plans range from 10,000 monthly visitors to more than 10 million monthly visitors.  

Monumetric helps publishers improve ad revenue while enhancing the user experience of their sites, including site speed, navigation, design, etc. With Monumetric, you can easily add ads to your website and earn based on the number of visitors you receive.


Monumetric tries to appeal to publishers of all sizes and frequently appears on lists of the best Google AdSense alternatives.

Here’s what you need to partner with Monumetric: 

  • At least 10,000 views per month, with higher tier plans for those with more visitors
  • A Blogger or WordPress website.  


  • Payment: Every 60 days
  • Payment threshold: $10
  • Payment method: Paypal and bank transfer
  • Lock-in contract: 30 days notice


  • Comparatively lower partnership requirement makes this platform accessible to even small publishers and bloggers
  • Monumetric provides professional support to its partners from the beginning
  • The platform makes it easy to place ad units for you
  • There’s a low payment threshold. 


  • 10,000 page visits a month may still be too much for the newest of publishers and bloggers
  • Monumetric could be a costly option for some publishers because its subscription cost starts at a minimum of $99. 
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4. AdThrive

AdThrive is a fantastic display ad network that could be ideal for your website if it already has a high amount of visitors. It blends high quality ad partnerships with its proprietary SEO technology Topic to help websites boost ad revenue and site visits.  

That being said, AdThrive demands a higher requirement for websites looking to partner with it. Also, it mostly focuses on websites that attract traffic from the US. It follows a strict approval process. However, this also means that becoming a platform partner increases your chances of improving your ad revenue. 


While AdThrive might be attractive to some publishers, steep requirements mean smaller publishers and bloggers will need to look for another Mediavine alternative.

Here’s what you need to partner with Monumetric: 

  • At least 100,000 views per month
  • The majority of your traffic must come from the US and other English-speaking countries
  • A consistent flow of unique and original content
  • A website with HTTPS encryption.


  • Payment: Every 45 days
  • Payment threshold: $25
  • Payment method: Paypal, bank transfer (Direct deposit and SWIFT transfer), cheque
  • Lock-in contract: 30 days notice


  • Partnerships with high-paying advertisers mean AdThrive offers its publishers the best chance at boosting their ad revenue
  • The platform has an easy onboarding process and great support
  • Excellent account management. 


  • Requires 100,000 page visits a month and region-specific traffic means the platform is built for specific businesses and websites. If you’re a small publisher or new to the online publishing industry, this platform isn’t for you
  • The approval process is rigorous and may take a lot of time even if you meet all the requirements.

5. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of few display ad networks many publishers begin their very ad revenue journey with. It's easy to join and straightforward to use. 

AdSense allows you to configure ad placement the way you want. Plus, it partners with a pool of advertisers, meaning you’re likely to receive ads for your page even if you’re new to the system. 

Google AdSense is one of the best Mediavine alternatives for bloggers, small publishers and beginners looking to grow their websites. Although Mediavine pays better than AdSense, small publishers have a greater chance of partnering with the latter.

This means smaller players can partner with AdSense, work on their website for a few years before looking to transition to a higher-paying ad management platform. 


Google AdSense has comparatively low requirements.

Here’s what you need to partner with this platform: 

  • Your website must be at least six months old
  • While there’s no minimum traffic requirement, websites that attract very little traffic may struggle to secure AdSense approval
  • Unique content that complies with Google content policies
  • The site owner must be at least 18 years old.


  • Payment: Every 30 days
  • Payment threshold: $100
  • Payment method: Cheque, EFT, wire transfer
  • Lock-in contract: None


  • A large pool of advertisers means you’ll likely attract advertisers even if you’ve just started your site
  • Even beginners can become a partner relatively easily
  • Since it’s free and your ads are created by Google, you can save a lot of time and money that you’d otherwise spend on designing and optimizing creatives.  


  • You’ll only receive payment after having earned $100
  • AdSense payment is relatively low compared to other platforms on this list. If you’re an established publisher, you may want to explore more advanced platforms
  • AdSense may sometimes display ads that your visitors find unprofessional. It might affect your opportunity to grow your audience base.   

Final Thoughts

Mediavine is a great platform for publishers looking to grow their ad revenue, but its requirements make it less suitable for some publishers.

First of all, beginners will struggle to achieve the platform’s high approval bar. Secondly, some publishers prefer greater flexibility when it comes to their adtech partners, which Mediavine’s exclusivity requirements prevent. In both cases, there are alternatives that you can look into and decide whether it’s the right fit for you. 

For instance, if you’re a small publisher or a blogger, platforms like Google AdSense and Ezoic might be the best Mediavine alternative for you. Alternatively, if you’re an established publisher that experiences a good amount of traffic, platforms like Publift and AdThrive may be your preferred alternative.      

If you’re in a different industry and looking for the best ad solutions in your sector, such as the best gaming ad networks or the best video ad networks, feel free to visit our articles on these subjects. 

Publift helps digital publishers get the most out of the ads on their websites. Publift has helped its clients realize an average 55% uplift in ad revenue since 2015, through the use of cutting-edge programmatic advertising technology paired with impartial and ethical guidance.

If you’re making more than $2,000 in monthly ad revenue, contact us today to learn more about how Publift can help increase your ad revenue and best optimize the ad space available on your website or app.

Best Mediavine Alternatives - FAQs 

Is Mediavine Better Than AdSense?

Mediavine displays higher quality ads that have a lower impact on site speed compared to AdSense. The network serves a slice of ads from the Google inventory, meaning publishers will earn more from their ad space. 

Does Mediavine Pay for Impressions?

Yes, Mediavine pays for impressions. However, the payment depends on the type of ads you run and how much the advertiser is willing to pay. 

How Much Can You Earn With Mediavine?

Earning with Mediavine depends on the type of ads you run. With that said, you may be able to make up to $30 per 1,000 impressions with Mediavine.  

Is Publift Better Than Mediavine? 

Publift is a Google-certified publishing partner that helps publishers use the latest ad technology to maximize their ad revenue. It could be a great alternative for established publishers looking to grow even further.  

Is Publift Trustworthy? 

Yes. Publift has been reliably partnering with publishers for more than 10 years and is trusted by many prominent companies.

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