3 Best AdPushup Alternatives for Publishers in 2024

Brock Munro
September 8, 2023
July 15, 2024
3 Best AdPushup Alternatives for Publishers in 2024

Selecting the right ad platform can have a huge impact on your publishing business’ revenue and user engagement.

Most publishers consider Google AdSense when first looking to monetize their site content. At the same time, however, there are better alternatives that offer better ad revenue maximization solutions.

AdPushup is one such option and is known for its advanced ad layout optimization and A/B testing capabilities. The award-winning platform handles the needs of both publishers and advertisers alike. Its proficiency in processing a billion API requests ensures ads are delivered promptly.

With that said, AdPushup isn’t going to be the best fit for every publisher. For example, its partnership requirements won’t suit everyone. But don’t fret! If you’re one of those scouring the web looking for the best AdPushup alternative, we’ve got you covered.

This post will guide you through our list of the top three AdPushup alternatives. Whether you're actively in the market for a new ad-tech partner or are simply weighing up your options, understanding what options are on the market is key to unlocking the full potential of your website traffic.

How to Select an AdPushup Alternative

Choosing the right ad optimization platform isn't just about finding an alternative, it's about identifying the best alternative for your specific needs.

Here are some important factors to consider when picking one a provider:

  • User-friendliness: A user-friendly platform ensures even those with minimal technical know-how can easily manage their ads.
  • Ad formats: Platforms that handle a variety of ad formats—such as native ads, sponsored listings, or internal promotions—allow publishers to monetize more effectively.
  • Reporting: Platforms with comprehensive and clear analytics are indispensable.
  • Support: Prompt and effective customer support is incredibly important.

3 Best AdPushup Alternatives in 2024



Publift, a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP), is a managed service provider that helps publishers grow ad revenue while improving website page performance.

The business handles inventory management, ad optimization, header bidding, Core Web Vitals analysis, video monetization, and more.

They also provide real-time reporting and analytics, allowing publishers to track their ad inventory’s performance.

Publift’s solution offers multiple innovative ad formats and also a variety of targeting options, including contextual, audience, and geographic targeting.

Here are some of Publift’s features:

  • Header bidding: Header bidding enhances real-time competition for ad placements and improves revenue.
  • Core Web Vitals Analysis: Their tool collects and displays real-time information for Core Web Vitals optimizations.
  • Advanced reporting: Publift offers detailed analytics on ad performance in their dashboard
  • Video monetization: Fully customizable video player to complement native and display ad revenue
  • Ad layout optimization: Get ad layout optimization expertise and access to AB testing
  • Ad-block revenue recovery: Publishers can counteract ad-blocking tools to recapture lost revenue.
  • Pricing automation: Price is determined based on data from their price floor algorithm
  • Adwizard: Allows publishers to quickly spot and stop bad ads from appearing on their site.

Publift is a reliable partner in the ad optimization landscape, with its suite of tools helping its publishing partners increase their revenue by up to 55% on average. 

Monetization with Publift

Publift offers a comprehensive approach to monetization, be it in refining ad layouts, tapping into header bidding, or maximizing ad revenue through pricing automation. Although, with Publift, it’s not only about monetization. Publift’s approach is holistic and places a big focus on solving publisher problems through improved page performance, tag telemetry, and deep engineering expertise.

Publift Partnership Requirements

  • Monthly revenue of at least $2,000 per month or more than 50,000 website visits per month.  
  • Safe, legal, and high-quality content. 

Publift’s Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive ad tech tools that help publishers easily manage monetization needs.
  • Free website or app review with actionable steps.
  • A big focus on page performance, UX, and Core Web Vitals analysis and optimization
  • Exceptional customer support throughout the monetization journey


  • Smaller publishers may struggle to meet Publift’s partnership requirements.



Ezoic is an ad-tech platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI)  to help its publishing partners earn more money from their ad units. The AI evaluates and improves ad layouts on a micro and macro level, to ensure publishers boost revenue without sacrificing user experience (UX).

The company offers publishers access to premium demand partners, while also working with them to improve website visibility and traffic.

Some of the platform’s features include:

  • AI ad tester: The ad tester evaluates thousands of potential ad locations and sizes to find the optimal combination for every visitor, ensuring maximum ad revenue and enhanced UX.
  • Layout tester: Layout tester finds the best layout version for user engagement and revenue.
  • In-depth analytics: Ezoic allows publishers to access granular data about their audience, ads, and content.

Monetization with Ezoic

Ezoic ensures that publisher’s ads are shown in the most appealing manner, optimizing both UX and ad revenue. Moreover, with Ezoic's access to ad networks and ad exchanges, publishers can tap into special ad inventory and diverse ad formats, opening doors to multiple revenue streams.

Ezoic Partnership Requirements

  • While there’s no strict traffic requirement, Ezoic offers two different plans depending on pageviews. One for beginners with less than 10,000 page views a month, and one for established sites with more than that.
  • Your website needs unique and relevant content that adheres to Google’s Publisher Policies and isn’t illegal.
  • Ezoic prefers informational and content-rich websites for its partners. 

Ezoic’s Pros and Cons


  • AI-driven optimization ensures a customized experience for all users.
  • Access to a huge variety of ad formats.
  • Comprehensive analytics provide deep insights into visitor behavior and ad performance.
  • Flexible integration methods, including direct plugins for WordPress users.


  • Might be overwhelming for publishers new to AI and data analytics.
  • Integration via nameserver changes can be intimidating for some.


Mediavine, another Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP), has also embraced technological innovation to empower its publishing partners. Mediavine provides a variety of ad management and ad optimization services.

The company’s technology, which supports a wide range of ad formats, is designed to optimize publishers’ ad performance.

Some of its key features include:

  • Optimal ad placement: Mediavine ensures ads are placed in locations where they'll perform the best without compromising the UX.
  • Video Monetization: With the growing prominence of video content, Mediavine's tools help publishers to optimize video ads.
  • Custom ad units: The platform provides ad units suitable for different types of content, from blog posts to recipes.

Monetization with Mediavine

Mediavine offers a comprehensive suite of tools to monetize ads. With access to a sizable pool of advertisers, publishers can also tap into exclusive ad inventories for various niches.

Mediavine Requirements

  • Publishers must have at least 50,000 unique visitors per month.
  • Publisher sites must contain high-quality, original content that adheres to Mediavine's guidelines.

Pros and Cons of Using Mediavine


  • A strong focus on optimizing UX alongside ad performance.
  • Comprehensive video monetization tools for enhanced revenue streams.
  • Custom ad units offer versatility for diverse content types.
  • Active publisher community for support and knowledge sharing.


  • High traffic requirements may exclude smaller publishers.
  • Strict content quality guidelines may not suit all publishers.
  • Integration may require some technical know-how.

Final Thoughts

If you’re weighing their content monetization options, it’s important to understand that the above may be the best AdPushup alternatives but they’re not the only ones.

With that said, it’s important to remember that the key to picking an ad optimization platform is finding one that aligns with your site's needs and audience. As always, it's vital to keep an eye on competitors and stay up to date with the latest ad serving trends.

Looking for a revenue focused platform to take your publishing business to new heights? Publift offers a full-service solution to publishers and developers with an emphasis on optimizing mobile and desktop ad revenue. The platform has helped its partners increase their ad revenue by up to 55% on average. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you optimize your inventory and increase your ad revenue

Looking for a revenue focused platform to take your publishing business to new heights? At Publift, we use advanced ad technology to boost your ad revenue while ensuring the best user experience (UX). 

Best AdPushup Alternatives—FAQs 

Is AdPushup Owned by Google?

Google doesn’t own AdPushup. However, according to the platform, AdPushup is a Google Certified Publishing Platform (GCPP), is backed by Microsoft Ventures and is a member of the IAB and TAG. 

Is AdPushup Free?

AdPushup isn’t free, offering different prices for its three revenue sharing plans based on the publisher’s needs. 

What Features Should I Look for in an AdPushup Alternative?

If you’re looking for alternatives to AdPushup, the core features to look for are user-friendliness, reporting and analytics, ad formats, and support.

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