About Dnevnik.ba

Dnevnik.ba is a Croatian general news and media portal based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but with a diverse audience across Europe. Its journalists work to bring their readers breaking stories from a range of sources and their own original content. Dnevnik covers topics from politics, sport, and economics to showbiz and general interest.

The news portal began when a small group of enthusiasts decided to cover more local stories than what was being produced in the industry. Dnevnik.ba has been serving its readers for 20 years and now attracts over 600,000 of them monthly.


The Challenge

Prior to partnering with us, Dnevnik.ba had tried other solutions but found that they struggled with volume. As the site grew, the CPMs they garnered across various ad exchanges were not satisfactory and had seen significant drops. Dnevnik.ba needed a solution that didn’t penalize their growth with lower fill rates and prices.

The Approach

From the time of onboarding, our team focused on increasing demand by encouraging all our network partners to bid more frequently on the site. As the algorithms of these networks familiarize with the site’s inventory, our team of yield optimizers reviewed the site thoroughly for more opportunities to improve the overall revenue. Some of the key ad unit drivers include sticky footer ad units (a total uplift of 24% in revenue), vignette/web-interstitials (7% increase in revenue) and video ads where we saw significantly higher eCPMs in the range of €5+.

The strategy at Publift is always aimed at improving average eCPM and overall page pRPM which was possible with:

  • Achieving the right blend of network partners based on the content and geography of users,
  • Selecting the best set of ad placements that would ensure strong performance of metrics such as average CTR, viewability and average viewable time of the ad,
  • And increasing viewability of all ad units through interactive ad formats such as interscrollers, customisable sticky ad units and miniscrollers while maintaining cumulative layout shift (CLS) scores of the site.

Massive improvements to the tag by our team over the last few months have exponentially improved the tag speed and hence, reduced the time taken for the ads to load, further boosting SEO metrics.

“The results were exceptional and actually ahead of all forecasts. That's what's of most importance I think to everyone. But I'd have to add that they had an amazing onboarding process that made it super clear as to what is going to happen and what you can expect. The responsiveness along the way was excellent and we felt really supported all the way through. Also, they don't forget about you after the implementation and move on to other things. We've been on the platform now for quite some time and they are always looking for ways to help us grow our revenues with access to new networks, implementing new ad types and so on.”

Jurica Gudelj, Director and Chief Editor, Dnevnik.ba

The Results

Since partnering with Dnevnik in February 2022, our team of optimization experts have continually found new opportunities to uplift ad revenue.

  • As a result, we’ve been able to achieve a whopping 154% increase in pRPM
  • And average MoM pRPM increase of 38%.

All changes were made with very little effort from the Dnevnik team as our tech can inject ad units remotely onto the site.  The cooperation and the willingness to experiment from Dnevnik's team has allowed us to do what we do best, which has always remained the backbone for Publift’s growth and innovation. Publift continues to work on improving the user experience for the site’s readers while increasing ad revenue for Dnevnik.

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The Results