About Tcdb.com

The Trading Card Database was started in 2008 and is an archive of all things trading card-related. For over a decade the site has flourished, with a consistently loyal visitor base maintaining it via crowdsourcing. Visitors pitch in to add items with the goal of having a shared resource that not only preserves the hobby and history of card trading but also benefits collectors across the globe. The database is fully searchable by year, card manufacturer, player/character name, or team and is growing by the hour. 


The Challenge

Tcdb.com was originally monetizing through Google AdSense and was struggling to ensure that the ads served on their site were of a high standard. We had seen this, and their strong, predominantly US-based audience and decided to reach out. We pitched numerous ad types that we felt would combat their previous ad quality issues, and as a result, they were eager to sign on. 

The Approach

With the help of our expert team of yield optimizers and account managers, we were able to add an array of optimizations to tcdb.com, seeing revenue soar.

  • The first thing we focused on was adding additional sizes for existing units, as well as implementing sticky units where needed, increasing ad viewability.
  • We also customized a number of these units to best fit their UX goals. For example, the sticky footer unit that we suggested only shows to users who have scrolled a certain amount and also features a hidden button. 
  • We noticed that users had been spending upwards of 5 minutes on tcdb.com at any given time, so we made sure to utilize ad refresh to take advantage of this.
  • Since 90% of site visitors came from desktops, we decided to drive most of our optimization efforts toward this. 

The Results 

Within a few months of working with Publift, tcdb.com saw a massive 247% uplift in page RPM and a 182% increase in NET revenue! 

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