About USNewsOn

USNewsON was established with one sole aim, for everyone to be able to watch their preferred news, anytime, anywhere in the world, in any language, all for free. Since its inception, the site has grown considerably, with over 600,000 monthly visits with an array of news media at readers' fingertips.


The Challenge

Before Publift, the site had encountered some troubles with its previous partner, namely regarding unreliable and vague performance data. Site owner Vincent wanted more transparency and decided to give Publift a try. Our initial site analysis confirmed these data-related issues, as site traffic and impressions didn't match, especially when cross referenced with the historical data provided by their previous partner. So, we began putting together a series of optimizations that would meet Vincent’s needs and far exceed his expectations.

The Approach

  • We ran a complete and thorough site analysis to understand the underlying issues best and mapped out an effective optimization plan that would match Vincent’s preferences.
  • We also had the site reviewed numerous times by our expert account managers and yield optimizers, who A/B tested multiple ad layout setups, carefully studying each ad unit’s performance to maximize their revenue-generating potential.
  • Of the many optimizations we implemented, ad refresh and sidebar units were some of the most effective and ensured that UX remained unaffected.

The Results 

Overall, we've far exceeded our initial projection of the site's potential.

  • In its first month, the site saw a 359% uplift in average net revenue per day during the first month with Publift,
  • which significantly increased in the following months, ultimately resulting in a 747% uplift in November. 

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The Results