About SaveMyExams.co.uk

Save My Exams’ mission is to remove the unnecessary stress around revision, providing expertly written, syllabus-specific resources so that every student can walk into their exams calm, confident, and prepared. Their in-house teachers and examiners produce course-specific resources for (I)GCSE, A Levels, and IB exams so that each student can be certain that they’ve done the work required to get the results they deserve, with the least wasted effort.  

Today, SaveMyExams.co.uk is one of the UK’s largest educational websites, providing high-quality learning material and sample exams to assist UK students and help them achieve their educational goals.


The Challenge

SaveMyExams.co.uk were looking to monetize their website for non-subscribed users and had heard about the advantages of header bidding. However, their prior efforts in digital advertising weren't as successful as they had hoped, with their programmatic partner lacking communication whilst pushing poorly performing optimizations.

The Approach

At Publift, we looked at the site holistically and suggested optimizations based on traffic, viewability, and aesthetics. Our outstanding solutions consultants were able to identify opportunities that were missed by the previous partner and worked closely with SaveMyExams.co.uk every step of the way to achieve a fantastic outcome, all while maintaining brand quality and safety.

The goal was to look closely at how the website is used and how users interact with it during their journey. This allowed us to place units where user attention was highest. Any optimization analysis should always start with a deep knowledge of the user, the website’s category, and how it is used to inform how and where ads can be best placed.

Some of our key implementations include:

  • Ad refresh
  • Optimized layout
  • Network partners
  • Ad blocking to prevent alcohol, gambling, tobacco, and NSFW ads from reaching SaveMyExams.co.uk’s younger audience

The Results 

  • Our optimizations included identifying previously unmonetized ad spaces that had high viewability.
  • Together with ad refresh and higher CPMs, we were able to provide SaveMyExams.co.uk with a 108% uplift in their daily revenue within the first month of going live.
  • In addition, we increased the site’s page RPM by 86%. These results were achieved while ensuring there was no negative impact on SaveMyExams.co.uk’s traffic or user experience.

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The Results