About Track China Post

John created Track China Post in 2009 to help online retailers in China using China Post Airmail and EMS to send goods to international buyers. His goal was to create a free online shipment tracking tool, helping customers and retailers to track their shipments coming from or going to China. Track China Post provides English tracking information to help buyers get an ETA on their orders, prevent online shopping scams and reduce shipping disputes between retailers and buyers.

Track China Post website homepage

The Challenge

Track China Post had previously used Google AdSense to raise revenue to support its free service, however, due to a software bug, the website unintentionally violated a Google policy in 2019, triggering Google AdSense account restrictions. Track China Post worked with several companies to try to solve the problem and gain revenue from other publisher services including header bidding platforms, but found the results unsatisfactory.

In April 2020, an earlier Google AdSense contractor recommended searching for a Google Certified Publishing Partner. John sent enquiries to the listed GCPP companies he found and received responses from several ad partners. He was particularly impressed by Publift’s professionalism and customer service, and decided to partner with Publift as his ads publisher agent.

“Publift is a truly customer-oriented company.”

John Yu, Founder, Track China Post

The Approach

As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, Publift worked closely with Google to ensure that the Track China Post website was reapproved and able to begin transacting through AdX again. Our success led to a jump in revenue that would otherwise have been lost for the publisher. 

Publift’s optimization team worked with Google on a thorough website analysis for Track China Post, making sure that there was a balance between content and ads on the site. We were able to build an optimal ad layout based on our initial site analysis, feedback from Google, and years of experience in ad ops.

The Results

  • Track China Post has used Publift’s Fuse since May 2020, more than doubling their ad revenue in comparison to the previous year with a header bidding agent and Amazon Publisher Services.
  • Track China Post experienced a 91% net revenue increase and a 55% uplift in ad revenue after partnering with Publift.
  • Publift also assisted in contacting the Google Policy Team on behalf of John, explaining the issue with the site’s software bug, and conducted a comprehensive review of the website, removing all potential ads that were at risk of triggering a Google Policy violation. Together, we succeeded in removing Google’s restrictions on the Track China Post website. 
  • John has been extremely happy with Publift’s customer support, specifically in terms of email response rates and having access to speak directly with our CTO. He believes Publift is a truly customer-oriented company, with a high degree of professionalism and outstanding representation as a Google Certified Publishing Partner.

Whether it’s dealing with policy issues or the question of maximizing revenue, we’ll be there every step of the way. Interested in getting the same level of service and dedication we gave Track China Post? Contact us today to see how we can boost your site performance!

Track China Post page RPM increase with Publift