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With Publift
Unreliable payment terms
On time payments, every time
Delayed support response
Access to customer support 24/7
Rigid and inflexible functions
An adaptive tag that serves ads based on your audience
Page performance impacted
Built-in Core Web Vitals monitoring
Poor optimization and strategy
Leverage consultants and an A/B testing suite
Lack of control and inventory
Sign off on everything with brand safety in mind

USNewsOn Grew 747% in Net Revenue Per Day Over 3 Months

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We partnered with to help rectify their data related issues with their previous partner. We were able to achieve a 359% uplift in average net revenue per day in our first month working together, resulting in an astounding 747% uplift by month three.

Vincent | United States of America Grew 154% in Page RPM

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Before Publift, had tried other solutions but found that they struggled with volume. Since our partnership, our team of optimization experts helped them achieve a whopping 154% increase in pRPM and average MoM pRPM increase of 38%!

Jurica Gudelj, Director and Chief Editor

Seamlessly integrate your website platform or get custom expertise

Seamlessly integrate your website platform or get custom expertise

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If you’re making over $2,000 in ad revenue, we can’t wait to welcome you!

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