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Trading Card Database grew 182% increase in net revenue

We partnered with The Trading Card Database to rectify their issues with AdSense. With the right optimizations, we were able to ensure that high quality ads were served consistently, resulting in a massive 247% uplift in page RPM and a 182% increase in NET revenue. See how we made it possible by reading the full case study here.
“With Publift, it’s great to know that the site’s ad earning potential is being maximized. It’s allowed us to upgrade servers and keep pace with the site’s ever-growing needs."
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United States of America

5 stars

OzBargain grew 68% in true CPM

Publift helped OzBargain to maximize their ad revenue by implementing new ad technology such as header bidding and Google’s ad exchange, resulting in a 40% annual revenue growth rate and 68% total increase in true CPM. Check out the full case study here.
“Publift has taken care of all the nitty-gritty parts of advertisement. For us, all we had to do was put in the Fuse tags and they made sure everything was optimized and tested to make sure we could get maximum revenue from ads.”
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Scott Yang
Sydney, Australia

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