About OzBargain

Founder Scott Yang created the OzBargain website in November 2006 as a part-time hobby and has seen it balloon into one of the top-visited sites in Australia. He told the New Daily “people come to OzBargain to share the bargains they’ve found, or to discover the bargains other people have found. Through voting and discussion comments, the community members can work out whether something advertised by a retailer is actually a bargain.”

OzBargain is the home of bargains, promoting discount codes, giveaways and cheap deals on everything from supermarket products to mobile phone plans and credit cards. Its content is largely created by members in a forum much like Reddit. It has grown into a tight-knit community of avid users and has shaped Australian online culture, coining many online terms and slang phrases including “being OzBargained!”

OzBargain has a small team who work from home across Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

OzBargain website homepage

The Challenge

As OzBargain continued to grow, Scott began looking for an external team to help him manage and optimize advertisements on his website so he and his team could have more time to focus on growing the website and his community of bargain hunters.

“For us, Publift helps online publishers to optimize their display ads inventories and maximize their revenue. They are the experts of display advertising, relieving the publishers to focus on building their site & content.”

“All we had to do was put in the Fuse tags and they made sure everything was optimized and tested to make sure we could get maximum revenue from ads.”

Scott Yang, Founder, OzBargain

The Approach

The ad ops team at Publift completed an extensive site analysis to determine the best placement for existing and new ad units on OzBargain’s website. By reviewing site behaviour, traffic, and viewability, Publift optimized the site by enabling ad refresh and multisize on key ad units. Combined with the implementation of header bidding and premium demand partners, Publift was able to grow annual revenue for OzBargain while maximizing viewability to increase true CPM.

The Results

  • Publift helped OzBargain to maximize their ad revenue by implementing new ad technology such as header bidding and Google’s ad exchange, helping to add more competition to OzBargain’s ad sources.
  • Premium demand partners were now able to bid for OzBargain’s impressions in real time, driving up their CPMs.
  • In partnering with Publift, OzBargain was able to achieve 40% growth in annual revenue, with a 68% total increase in true CPM.
  • Publift also conducted an ad layout audit and conducted optimizations for desktop and mobile, and improved the site’s speed to make for a better user experience on the website.
  • Publift implemented Fuse on OzBargain’s site in September 2018 to further enhance ad performance. Subsequently, OzBargain saw a 24% jump in the websites Q2 revenue year on year. The Fuse tags tweaked existing ad optimizations, boosted competition for the website’s inventories and improved site latency.

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OzBargain page RPM increase with Publift