Page Performance

The more features added, the more it impacts page speed. Our Fuse tag ensures you can monetize without compromise.

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Page Performance First

Serve ads that don't impact your websites' performance.

Adaptive Tag

By thoroughly understanding your audience, we can use Fuse to programmatically build new auction strategies: improve monetization, enhance page performance, and reduce waste. We take in a range of variables from user location, device type, bandwidth, and ad type to help maximize performance.

The Results?
Reduced bandwidth consumption, faster ads, higher viewability, and better user experience!

A diagram describing Fuse loading auction on server side to accommodate to a user's slow bandwidth.
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Core Web Vitals

Monetization and Site Performance go hand-in-hand with Fuse. Our tag automatically optimizes auctions and ad experiences that reduce latency and enhance visual stability. Fuse tailors ad experiences to the user whilst minimizing impact on your Core Web Vitals health.

An ad loading fast.

Lightning Fast Load

Using the Adaptive tag we can now optimize for the user's experience whilst maximizing revenue. We keep ad delivery light to ace first impressions and load in more features when bandwidth frees up.

Low Latency

Now, ad creatives are served via asynchronous global CDN calls which increases your delivery speed. We also use header-based ad loading and node-watch to optimize on-page delivery!

low latency

“All we had to do was put in the Fuse tags and they made sure everything was optimized and tested to make sure we could get maximum revenue from ads.”

Scott Yang,  OzBargain, Founder

Success stories

Access over 30 premium global demand partners. Connect to a world of opportunity.

Optimize without Compromise

Boost your ad revenue with our all-in-one solution. Grow your business with a sustainable, long term partnership.
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