About WordSolver

Matt Parkins started WordSolver as a project in 2007, with the idea of creating a platform people could engage with. His goal is to provide a free space for users to enjoy, challenge their skills, and have fun.

WordSolver is a platform that provides a variety of tools such as solving back-of-the-newspaper anagram-type word puzzles and playing online word games like scrabble. WordSolver is a scrabble solver and it can also unscramble letters for many anagram games. Users can also play pro-level games of scrabble with other players on the website, to develop skills and have great fun at the same time.

WordSolver homepage screenshot

The Challenge

The company was experiencing a slow progressive decline in revenue and using AdSense was no longer a sustainable option. The volume of work necessary to compensate for it and to make improvements was high, however, the results were not satisfactory. Matt felt frustrated and helpless, with no clear path to take to improve the output of all of his hard work. He wanted to achieve growth in his results, while using his time in the most efficient manner possible.

“With Publift, I doubled my revenue and they provided me with really useful solutions.”

Matt Parkins, Founder, WordSolver

The Approach

The focus for WordSolver was to increase revenue whilst ensuring that user experience was not impacted in any way. The team at Publift created an ad layout that worked with WordSolver’s site design, ensuring key metrics like viewability were maximized without impacting users. As WordSolver attracts a strong global audience, we were able to utilize all network partners from around the world to increase demand for inventory. With Publift’s expertise and highly personalized ad ops, WordSolver saw revenue growth even as traffic declined due to seasonality.

The Results

  • Matt developed trust in partnering with Publift through our conduct in transparency and professionalism. We understand that it is never easy to trust a new partner, but Matt felt he could rely on us.
  • Publift made it possible to keep the use of WordSolver’s website free-of-charge, and increase revenue through advertising, doubling WordSolver’s previous results with a 216% uplift in revenue.
  • WordSolver also achieved a 396% increase in page RPM, along with a 44% increase in revenue despite traffic decreasing by 25%.
  • Publift also helped WordSolver to gain a deeper understanding of the programmatic industry, where Matt can now see all his progress through our reporting and analyses.

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WordSolver pageviews vs. revenue uplift with Publift