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Average YoY Growth in Revenue from Europe*



Average YoY Growth in Impressions from Europe*



Average YoY Growth of Publishers from Europe**
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"Our technology is highly scalable but good customer service in each region is a big part of our expansion plans. We’ve seen first-hand how this support can really transform the lives of publishers and we look forward to doing more of the same in Europe.
Colm Dolan, Irish founder & CEO of Publift

Why Publift

It’s no secret that most partners out there offer similar tech, network partners, and ad formats. Our edge, however, lies within our highly specialised team of ad optimisation experts. We create deeply personalised ad strategies for each publisher we work with. That’s how we win.

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Success Stories

Airportia Saw a 30% Uplift in Revenue Versus their Last Partner

By better understanding the usage of the site, we could customise ad placements and tag loading to maximise revenue whilst minimising page impact.
“Publift put more effort into understanding my website and the results speak for themselves. They are responsive and thorough. Not all partners are the same."
Airportia homepage displayed on a laptop screen
Cyprus flag

Cyprus-based publisher
Alex Michalas, Founder of Airportia

5 stars Saw a Whopping 230% Ad Revenue Uplift in 30 days was a long-time AdSense customer and very happy with the control it provided. He keeps control of the strategy, but now with more revenue. Find out what was possible here.
“I was hesitant to make the leap and join Publift. Ben persistently pursued me and I am so glad he did! Making the jump has changed Bustimes dramatically. The service has been perfect. Anyone holding out should jump in and give them a try."
Bustimes website screen displayed on a laptop
UK flag

UK-based publisher
Joshua Goodwin, Founder of

5 stars

Game Site Wordsolver Achieved a 396% Increase in Page RPM

After a slow progressive decline in revenue, AdSense was no longer sustainable for Wordsolver. Publift doubled the site’s ad revenue and improved user experience.  Read the case study here.
“I was hesitant to give Publift all the ad units on the page, but thank goodness I did. With Publift I doubled my revenue and they provided me with really useful solutions.
WordSolver homepage displayed on a laptop screen
UK flag

UK-based publisher
Matt Parkins, Founder of Wordsolver

5 stars

News Portal Dnevnik Grew 154% in Page RPM

On top of increasing revenue, we increased demand through our portfolio of networks and boosted SEO metrics too. Read the full case study here.
“The results were exceptional and actually ahead of all forecasts. That's what's of most importance I think to everyone. But I'd have to add that they had an amazing onboarding process that made it super clear as to what is going to happen and what you can expect.”
Dnevnik CS home
Bosnia and Herzegovina flag

Publisher from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Jurica Gudelj, Director and Chief Editor of

5 stars
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Our advanced ad technology is a highly customisable all-in-one solution for publishers. Powered by a single line of code, it brings together cutting-edge features to maximise ad revenue, optimise for page performance and improve user experience.

The Strongest Demand Stack

Connect your site or app to a superior demond stack tailored for European and global audiences.

Still Not Convinced?

Hear from some more of our clients (check it out for yourself).
Matt Parkins
1 review
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Publift are an excellent company

Publift are excellent, and they have been been genuinely transformational for my business. Since moving from a giant tech company to Publift, my revenue stream has more than doubled and I have a dedicated, responsive account manager to work through the very few issues that ever arise. I could not be happier to partner with Publift.

Lazar Sebastian Nicolae
3 reviews
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Best company to deal with

Honestly, Publift is one of the best companies to deal with. They have helped my website to grow huge revenue increase (200%!!!) while still giving great UX experience for our website visitors. I am highly recommending this company if you want reliable and great ad management.

Rickard Moberg's profile photo
Rickard Moberg
1 review
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Awesome publisher partner

Been using Publift for about 3 or 4 months now. I'm very satisfied with the work they are doing. They've helped me increased my ad revenue by around 240%. I could also decide where I put my ads, to make it less intrusive for my users, which meant A LOT for me. Highly recommended!

Martin Rasmussen
3 reviews
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Great onboarding experience!

Great onboarding experience!
It's been about a month now since start and revenue has increased significantly compared to before solely using Google AdSense.

Andezej lukas
Andrzej Lucas
1 review
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Awesome publisher

After switching from Adsense to Publift, my website revenue instantly doubled! The onboarding process was smooth and also, whenever I had any issues with some of the ads or their placement, they listened to my feedback and made the adjustments I needed. Give them a try!

Ivaylo lovie
Ivaylo Milanov
1 review
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Extremely professional onboarding...

Extremely professional onboarding process. I am happy I have the chance to work with such kind and professional team members like Ben and Jammy! Thank you guys for your help, support and work during the onboarding steps. I am sure Publift will be a long term partner!

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*YoY growth of revenue and impressions were calculated across November 2019 to September 2022.
**YoY growth of publishers was calculated across 2019 to 2022.
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