It's not enough today. Publishers need better ways to monetize their site for continual revenue growth. Our product suite, Fuse, is intelligently built to keep you ahead of the game.


Revenue-Focused Solutions

Increasing competition and improving layouts are table stakes now.

Ad Block Monetization

Most publishers see ad block rates of 15-40%, which is huge! Our ad block recovery tool allows you to serve ads to users who have opted-in on select acceptable ads. With this built-in tool, our publishers have seen an increase in page RPM by 6-12%.

ad refresh graph

Ad Refresh

Our ad refresh feature ensures we maintain a strong CPM through all refreshed impressions and maximize ad revenue. We automatically A/B test refresh rates for all ad units to ensure the optimal refresh rate at all times for your site. Curious to learn more about ad refresh? Check out an explainer here!

Context Classification Tool

Our new context classification tool automatically scans and classifies site content to provide deep contextual information for advertisers.

By providing more useful, actionable information to auction participants, we’re able to grow eCPMs for Fuse publishers, even in environments where information is not abundant.

context classification
Ads in between customer reviews.

Fully Remote Insertion

With Full Remote Insertion by Fuse, you can instantly deploy new ads anywhere on the page without having to code. Combined with our Fuse Experiments tool, this allows us to massively shorten the testing cycle, getting you to the optimal website setup fast!

Fuse for Search, Reviews, Comments
Got repeating content modules? Pick the spacing or sequence you would like and let us do the rest. Fuse instantly tests multiple layouts to find what works best for your site.

Fuse Intelligent Auctions

Not all auctions are the same. Get automatic and granular control over the header bidding auction with Fuse. Our auction optimizer enables bidders by ad unit, geography, bandwidth, device, and time of day to ensure maximum yield. Load partners that are going to bid on your user, not take up bandwidth!

3 tables showing 3 different auctions based on the user profile, geo and ad unit size.Load partners

Multivariate Testing

By perpetually testing your monetisation strategy, you can maintain revenue growth and be resilient to an evolving market. Our multivariate suite, Fuse Experiments, ensures you’re earning the most from each user.

Automated A/B Testing
Our ad optimization platform continuously tests individual ad units for size, color, type, and location to discover and adaptively serve the best-performing layouts to visitors. That being said, you will always have full control of the layout and experiments we go forward with!

A table consisting of variables that can be AB tested.

Price Algorithm Optimization

Fuse constantly adjusts and A/B tests auction rules across time so your ad inventory is always priced appropriately. By setting minimum prices on your ads, we can push advertisers to pay what it’s worth. Our publishers have seen a 20% uplift in revenue with this algorithm!

A bar graph showing a 20% increase in revenue.
smart timeout

Smart Timeout Management

Timeouts are used to set an upper limit for how long the setup will wait for bids from each demand partner before closing the auction. We test and fine-tune timeout settings to find the sweet spot between maximizing yield on your ads and reducing latency.

Yield Optimization

When you partner with Publift, you get access to a first-in-class optimisation team that keeps you informed, in control and your earnings increasing. We put our customers under the microscope to ensure no opportunity is missed.

Team intelligence
Optimizing Intelligence
Our expert team work day in, day out to help our publishers achieve their goals because not all goals are data driven.
Data Lake
We collect and analyse hundreds of stream of data in real time to give us the knowledge we need to make the right decisions.
Machine learning
Machine Learning
By processing billions of anonymised data points we are able to predict the best outcomes in real time.

"From the moment we engaged Publift, their hands-on approach, speed of response, and proactive insight into adops has been world class. They’ve played a big part in helping us better monetize our audience and have been a hugely valuable addition to our stack."

Jack Slade,  Boss Hunting,  Managing Director

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