About Paycalculator

The Paycalculator business started as a personal project, growing over the past 10 years to become a well-used and trusted online platform in Australia, giving consumers the help they need to calculate financial items.

Paycalculator is an online tool, helping individuals and businesses quickly and conveniently calculate tax obligations on wages. There are numerous options and items for users to input, including salary, tax year, and superannuation. Moreover, users can explore other specific features by selecting keywords that better fit their situation, for example ‘working holiday visa’ or ‘student loan’ for more tailored information. The calculations include total salary and additional data organised into a table, divided into weekly, fortnightly, monthly and annually time periods.

Paycalculator website homepage

The Challenge

Rob, founder of Paycalculator, was concerned that his site was not optimized to take full advantage of ad tech, losing potential ad revenue.

Rob told Publift that prior to working with us, he was very cautious about bringing an ad partner onboard. He was anxious about putting trust in an ad partner, the potential impact on user experience, and was concerned that any increase in ad revenue from his website would go directly to the potential ad partner. For this reason, Paycalculator’s management team was very careful to maintain the decision-making power of their site. Additionally, more recently, Paycalculator experienced a drop in overall performance following a website redesign.

“Getting the correct visibility, refresh rates and sizes is a careful balance and it can only be accomplished with accurate data and experience, both of which Publift provides.”

Rob Shearling, Founder, Paycalculator

The Approach

Publift completed an in-depth analysis on every ad unit on the site, reviewed all technical implementations including the Fuse tags - Publift’s all-in-one programmatic advertising solution powered by a single piece of code - and native implementation. After ongoing A/B testing, Publift noted a potential change in user interaction on Paycalculator’s new website. With a better understanding of this change in user behaviour, Publift was able to adapt and fully optimize the ad unit features and placement on Paycalculator, also improving the site’s CLS score.

The Results

  • With Rob’s initial integration of Publift’s Fuse tags, Paycalculator achieved a monthly ad revenue increase of 335%, allowing Rob to quit his full-time job to focus solely on developing his website.
  • Following site redesign ad optimizations, Paycalculator achieved a 75% uplift in MoM ad revenue along with a 67% increase in CPM and 80% increase in page RPM.
  • Paycalculator’s ad revenue not only returned to expected levels but set a trajectory for further growth.
  • Publift was able to build a strong relationship with Rob, keeping the best interests of the Paycalculator website at the forefront of all recommendations and optimizations.
  • Rob recognized the benefits of optimizing the ad technology on his site and chose to partner with Publift because of our focus on data-driven optimizations, active customer support and informative dashboard reporting.

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Paycalculator pageviews vs. revenue uplift with Publift