New Ad Formats

IAB standard display and video players are not enough to bring industry-leading revenue. Strengthen your ad stack with our new cutting-edge formats.

new ad formats

Ad Formats that Deliver

Our latest formats are innovatively built to help you go above and beyond.

Flexi Slots

Fuse allows multiple ad sizes and combinations of units to compete for the same space on your site – this creates a wider pool of bids. Work smarter with Fuse and get your ad units competing for the highest revenue! 

A gif of 3 300x250px ad units in a 900x250 div block.

Without Flexi Slots: 1 Ad Unit only in a 970 x 250px div block  - $2.55 CPM
With Flexi Slots: 3 Ad Units in a 970 x 250px sized div block - $3.85 CPM

A gif demonstrating the interscroller ad unit


Differentiate your ad inventory with new, engaging and eye-catching ad formats that are in-view and deliver significant outcomes for advertisers. Our Interscroller units see a massive 200% increase in user engagement vs. standard display units, and the best part, no coding required!


Our miniscroller technology keeps any horizontal unit in view at the top of a user’s page as they scroll within the ad container. With Publift’s new miniscroller format, we improve ad viewability without compromising your layout shift – what a winner! So far, we’ve already seen an 8% increase in viewability on mobile and 6.5% on desktop!

 A gif demonstrating the miniscroller unit

Pimp Your Sticky

Color, shape, design, it's up to you, no coding needed! We have built our injectable sticky ad units to fit whatever your needs may be: bottom or top of page, closable/permanent, background color, opacity. Fuse lets you effortlessly customize your ads so it doesn’t take away from your unique site design.

pimpy our sticky
video player

Pimp Your Video Player

Our fully customizable video player allows Fuse customers to reap the benefits of video!

Ads are loaded in front of the content, meaning:

  • engagement and session duration increases as users cycle through it
  • complement your native and display revenue with video revenue
  • capture a healthy split of display, native, and video budgets!

“Getting the correct visibility, refresh rates and sizes is a careful balance and it can only be accomplished with accurate data and experience, both of which Publift provides.”

Rob Shearling,  Paycalculator, Founder

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