Publift | Google Livestream Event!

Brock Munro
January 28, 2021
April 22, 2024
Publift | Google Livestream Event!

Last week Publift had the awesome opportunity to host a livestream event alongside Google & Acqua Media.

Google’s Livestream event

What Was the Purpose of the Event?

We wanted to collectively share our knowledge on the effectiveness of Google adsense, Ad Manager & AMP. The livestream format gave Publisher’s the opportunity to learn and ask in depth questions in regards to their current setup & how it can be optimised.

Google & Acqua Media did a great job of covering the benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages & google adsense.

Dan represented the Publift team based here in Sydney (22:13). He provided his expertise on all things Google Ad Manager (formerly known as dfp).


  • Ad Manager Breakdown
  • Network Optimisations
  • How to setup Roadblocks
  • The power of First Look
  • Publift’s Fuse Solution

Google Ad Manager Breakdown

Dan explained to the viewers the basics of Ad Manager, its benefits for you as a publisher and how Dynamic Allocation can be optimised to increase Publisher’s overall yield.

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