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What is a Vignette Ad?
A vignette, or 'interstitial' ad is an interactive ad format which occupies the full-screen of a website or app. It can be displayed at transition points during app or site use such as switching between pages or activities.

Why Vignette Ads?
Vignettes are one of the best performing units you can have in-app or on desktop, and are also new to mobile web! They appear full-screen and can often be time-based, resulting in strong conversions for advertisers. Advertisers are willing to pay more for this ad unit’s performance, with CPMs 4-5 times higher than a traditional banner.
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Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

Type of Ad
Display, Native

What is an In-Content Ad?
In-Content Ads are implemented within the content of a web page where users are most engaged.

Why In-Content Ads?
In-content ad units get extremely high engagement as they are integrated into page content where users interact - so you can expect a higher CTR and strong CPM. These units can be improved further by adding native ad units which are designed to mimic the user interface of your website with similar colour schemes and fonts, driving up performance and maintaining UX!
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