The Publift Scoop November Edition

Brock Munro
January 8, 2021
March 20, 2024
The Publift Scoop November Edition

The Publift Scoop

Welcome to the final Publift Scoop of 2020!

Seasonal Snapshot

As expected in the last quarter of the year, November’s CPM continues to increase, following larger advertising spend on key events including Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This trend has continued into December and we are expecting consistent CPM until Christmas. With 2021 around the corner, publishers should prepare for a big CPM drop in January as advertisers are expected to reassess their budgets for the new year.

Challenges in 2020 have proven that our programmatic industry is adaptable and responsive to change and uncertainty. In 2021, 5G-fueled digital advertising will introduce a whole new era in ad tech with complete digital connectivity, interactive ad formats and significant upgrades in programmatic technology.

The graph below captures 4 key verticals and their CPM trend throughout 2020. It demonstrates a fantastic closing quarter as CPMs reach a high peak. (Note: applicable to AU market only)

2020 eCPM graph

The graph below is a summary of what we’re seeing comparing the year on year CPM trend in the AU, US and UK markets. Earlier this year we saw an average YoY CPM drop of 25% across the three regions. This has consistently improved to reach an average drop of just 8.3% YoY for November.

AU, US and UK CPM YoY comparison

Commercial Team Update

Here are some updates from our Commercial team.

New Demand

We have recently partnered with Playground XYZ, a premium mobile network that delivers high quality mobile formats from exclusive, high-yielding demand that is not available on the open exchange.

GCPP Customer Satisfaction Surveys by Qualtrics

We have received your feedback and would really like to thank those that made the time to complete the survey!

Product Update

Some exciting new updates from the Product Team:

Prebid Video & Native

In January 2021, we’ll be able to support serving video and native creatives from our SSP partners through our header bidding technology, Prebid. If you’re interested, we’ll be able to support running all three media types (display, video & native) in the one ad unit. This will increase demand for every ad request and increase CPM performance. Also, we’ll be offering more bespoke video positions to diversify demand and increase CPM.

Reporting Automation

For when we come back in January, we are going to enable automated reporting for Triplelift and Publift Deals. What this means is that if you have any revenue coming through these networks, you’ll see data in the dashboard within 48 hours and the networks will be updated daily. Currently, these two networks are part of the weekly upload process.

Publift in the Press

Authority Magazine: Colm talks about the importance of maintaining a healthy headspace and balance in life

AdNews: The importance of small to mid-sized publishers, their contribution to the economy and the challenges they face

LiveRamp: Colm and Christopher from LiveRamp sit down to discuss the importance of cutting-edge ad tech to ensure publishers are set up for the new user privacy-first era.

Generation Us Purposely Podcast: hear about the beginnings of Publift and Colm’s advice for budding entrepreneurs!

New Blog Content

Learn what in-app advertising is, how it works, crucial trends, benefits for publishers and the best in-app advertising networks to consider.

Take a closer look at viewable CPM and its role in driving revenue for your site.

What Our Publifters Are Up To

Our annual company offsite was based in the beautiful Blue Mountains this year round! We spent an exciting couple of days hiking the Grand Canyon track and abseiling down a 30 metre cliff! More importantly, we also utilised this time to focus on Publift’s purpose, strategy and what we envision for our publishers in the coming years. We are true believers that the best ideas come from a collective, close-knit team with an aligned vision and shared values.

Publift offsite abseiling in Leura
The Publift team abseiling in Leura
The Publift Team working on strategy at the company offsite

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