Sticky Sidebar


Type of Ad
Display, Native

What is a Sticky Sidebar Ad?
Sticky Sidebar Ads appear within the sidebar of a web page. The ad sticks to its position as the user scrolls through page content.

Why Sticky Sidebar Ads?
Utilizing a sticky sidebar ad can lift revenue by 33% due to increased view-time and viewability in comparison to non-sticky sidebar ads. We often couple this with an ad refresh to drive even more revenue through increased impressions without the need for additional ad units.

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Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

Type of Ad
Display, Native

What is an In-Content Ad?
In-Content Ads are implemented within the content of a web page where users are most engaged.

Why In-Content Ads?
In-content ad units get extremely high engagement as they are integrated into page content where users interact - so you can expect a higher CTR and strong CPM. These units can be improved further by adding native ad units which are designed to mimic the user interface of your website with similar colour schemes and fonts, driving up performance and maintaining UX!
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