About ScrumPoker-Online.org

ScrumPoker-online.org was started by site founders Paul and Kai with one simple goal, to create a tool allowing developers to start estimating in 30 seconds. In their experience, most planning poker tools involved complex set up, and required a steep learning curve, but were nevertheless crucial for smaller, agile dev teams. And so, Scrumpoker was born!

A screenshot of ScrumPoker-online.or's home page.

The Challenge with AdSense

Before Publift, Scrumpoker-online.org was using Google AdSense, and although their ad units were generating revenue, there were several issues, particularly involving the site’s architecture.

  • Both Paul and Kai found Google’s ad tags cumbersome, especially on their Angular codebase, with misaligned and unresponsive ads often ruining site design ad impacting user experience
  • As a self-service tool, there was no technical support offered by AdSense to assist in displaying ads the way they desired. 

ScrumPoker-online.org came to Publift to explore programmatic advertising with a trusted Google Certified Publishing Partner. They were enticed by the level of support they could access with dedicated onboarding and technical consultants. In addition, they wanted to see what kind of uplift could be provided while maintaining a similar, yet optimized advertising layout.

The Approach

We helped scrumpoker-online.org by providing a platform to listen to their concerns and investigating their pain points. Our onboarding team started by analyzing their site in full, creating a comprehensive strategy aimed at optimizing their existing layout while simultaneously increasing revenue.

Some notable optimizations include:

  • horizontal and vertical banner ad units on the main revenue generating pages; and
  • a customized sticky footer finely tuned to their requirements.
  • Finally, all ad units were equipped with Ad Refresh to maximize revenue on ad units with high viewability and time in-view.

The Results

During the onboarding process, Scrumpoker-online.org was provided with full access to dedicated consultants who helped resolve technical issues while providing further avenues for optimization. This ensured ads were being served at every instance.

As a result, ScrumPoker-online.org saw

  • an astonishing 195% revenue uplift within the first week
  • which increased to 245% in their first month with us
  • with page RPM skyrocketing to 615%.

Wanting to graduate from your Google AdSense setup? Contact us here to book a demo and get a customized revenue-boosting strategy for your site!

A chart displaying the Page RPM results of ScrumPoker-online.org after partnering with Publift.