What are Sticky Ads? Pros & Cons

Naomi Khor
November 1, 2023
February 29, 2024

📢 Discover a game-changing solution to banner blindness – Sticky Ads! 📌

But what are Sticky Ads? In today's crowded digital landscape, it's becoming harder for advertisers to grab users' attention due to intrusive ad noise. But there's a way to break through the clutter.

🔍 Explore the potential of sticky ads, which promise enhanced visibility for advertisers and higher returns for publishers. However, success relies on the right implementation and optimization. In this video, we discuss the different types of sticky ads, their pros and cons, and what the metrics say regarding this ad format!

Enjoy this video to stay ahead in the ad optimization game! 🎯 Read our blog article to learn more about sticky ads.

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