The Publift Scoop August Edition

Brock Munro
January 8, 2021
July 15, 2024
The Publift Scoop August Edition

The Publift Scoop

Welcome to the Publift Scoop for August!

Programmatic advertising continues to gain market share, with global digital ad spending expected to grow by 68% in 2020. Programmatic is one of the few areas of the economy with growth opportunities as online time increases. More specifically, mobile screen time has been on the up, with people spending more time in their homes.

Seasonal Snapshot

In the second quarter of 2020, we’ve seen mobile ad spend skyrocket – it now accounts for more than 75% of the digital ad spend worldwide. Mobile ads now represent the majority of formats traded programmatically. Mobile app and mobile video have driven a lot of that increase. Pubmatic’s Quarterly Mobile Index provides us with insight on the significant 5X growth in In-APP header bidding as publishers begin to adopt programmatic tactics to improve their overall yield performance. Mobile Video ad spend also makes a comeback as it rises by 116% in Q2.

Seasonal Snapshot

IAB’s 2020 International Report on Programmatic In-Housing states that the share in mobile is expected to grow by 80% by 2023. Whilst we witness substantial growth across the globe, Australia takes the lead in ad spend following closely behind the US.

Below is a summary of what we’re seeing comparing the month on month CPM performance by vertical.

August 2020 MoM CPM comparison

Below is a summary of what we’re seeing comparing the year on year decline in August’s CPM by market.

AU, US and UK YoY drop in CPM August 2020

  • Australian CPM is down by 20% Year on Year
  • USA’s CPM is down by 5% Year on Year
  • UK’s CPM is down by 18% Year on Year

Commercial Update

  • New Demand – Our team is actively working on integrating Triplelift Standard Display to our Fuse platform. Triplelift Standard Display is integrated via prebid and will act as a new network partner that will be given the opportunity to bid on your existing standard display inventory.

Product Update

Google Analytics data in the Dashboard

We’re currently going through a test phase for our Google Analytics rollout for the dashboard. Targeting next week, we are looking to bring key metrics like Pageviews, Sessions and Page RPM to the dashboard reports for your use. This data is imperative to have a balanced perspective on how your site is performing, both from a content performance point of view, blended with advertising performance. Look out for a new report next week!

48 hour delay flag

As our network partners’ servers are hosted in different time zones around the world, please allow our reporting dashboard 48 hours to paint an accurate picture of your recent performance. We’ve added a friendly reminder at the top of your dashboard interface and have also implemented an update that highlights areas of your graph that need more time to process data.


We’ve now implemented LiveRamp as part of the Fuse platform. This means we’ll be able to scalably leverage their identity products to help increase eCPM performance in environments such as Safari and Firefox, where third-party cookies are no longer in use. This currently requires users that either login to your site or enter via an email, but on our roadmap, we’re looking to add more identity providers over Q2 (Oct-Dec). Please refer to our Commercial Update for more details around the upcoming LiveRamp webinar!

CCPA Update

Thank you very much for getting the CCPA excerpt on your Privacy Pages. Taking on some customer feedback, we’re releasing an update this week to show a message to users outside of California or Europe telling the user that there is no action to take. This will create a more seamless experience for your users!

Events – Webinar Sept 8th

LiveRamp – “As the deadline nears for the end of third-party cookies, the partnership offering small publishers addressable marketing is a sign of how the industry will adapt”.

Publift has recently partnered with LiveRamp’s cookieless authenticated traffic solution (ATS) to ensure that small to mid-sized publishers have access to the latest technologies and are prepared for a cookieless future.

LiveRamp – As the Cookies Crumbles: Strategies to Weather the Storm Australia Event

  • Date – 8th of September, 10:00 AEST
  • Speakers:
  • Optus – Angela Greenwood
  • Amobee – Dillen Alahendra
  • Man of Many – Scott Purcell
  • Publift – Colm Dolan

Topic – The key issues our industry is facing impending deprecation of the third-party cookie, as the advertising ecosystem looks to develop strategies to weather the storm.

Small and mid sized publishers’ inventory and authenticated audiences being valued and visible to advertiser demand.

The importance of identity and moving to people-based buying; brands finding their audiences and reaching them where they authenticate – not just on walled gardens or large publishers.


Publift In the Press

Publift and LiveRamp Launch Partnership for Small and Mid-sized Publishers

The lowdown on Publift’s partnership with LiveRamp on cookieless authentication

What Our Publifters Are Up To

Team Bonding – Bonfire & S’mores

With winter wrapping up our team decided to make the most of the chilly weather and host an office campfire night!

Bonfire and S'mores on the Publift office balcony
Bonfire and S'mores on the Publift office balcony

We rallied everyone together for some team bonding. After a few failed attempts, we managed to build a steady fire. There may have been some singalongs and a few too many s’mores but a great night nonetheless.

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