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Learn all about header bidding - the buzz word in the ad tech world. Find out how publishers and advertisers benefit from it!

What is Header Bidding?

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Question 1

What are the benefits of using Prebid?

Header bidding has been a huge breakthrough in the ad tech space - we’ve come a long way since the waterfall auction. It’s opened up the ad buying process, offering publishers more control, more transparency and higher revenue from their inventory. Advertisers also benefit from header bidding as they have more access to and visibility of a publisher’s entire inventory, allowing them to bid on premium inventory that was previously only available through direct sales.

Question 2

How do I set up header bidding?

A simple question, with a not-so-simple answer. To harness the power of header bidding, you’ll need to work out the approach you want to take: DIY or a wrapper? Doing it yourself requires you to build auctions, perhaps server-side and integrate an ad server like Ad Manager, whilst managing operations and relationships with many SSPs that are exclusive and hard to get service out of. Alternatively, you could partner with us, and we’ll take care of all of that for you - with access to over 25 premium network partners.

Question 3

Will the tag slow down my website?

We’ve built our tag with speed in mind, and have ensured that it is as lightweight as possible. We know how important page performance is to search rankings, core web vitals and for the user. However, header bidding does add a small delay versus just working with AdSense as we need to allow all partners to bid, though this can be optimized by our team according to your business’s priorities.