About PAYE.net.nz

PAYE.net.nz is a New Zealand based site that provides its users with financial planning tools. Simple yet functional, some of its core features include calculating how much salary a New Zealand citizen gets after tax, creating a budget, defining savings, calculating net worth, and forecasting financial position through time. About 350,000 users visit the page every month to use the site and become more financially educated.

Founder Ben Colgate developed the site in 2010 to make calculating take home salary as simple as possible. The site gained popularity in 2016 and as of 2021, PAYE.net.nz had over 4 million sessions.


The Challenge

Before Ben partnered with us, he was serving a combination of direct text based ads and ads from Google Adsense. One of his direct advertisers had pulled out, leaving a revenue hole which needed to be filled – that was when he reached out to Publift. With Ben’s site having very few display units to start with, we knew this meant user experience (UX) and engagement was incredibly important to him.

The Approach

With UX and user interaction at the top of mind, we crafted our strategy.

  • We capitalized on his high mobile traffic by proposing a new mobile ad layout reaching two thirds of his audience.
  • Many of the existing native text ads were replaced with high performing units such as a sticky footer with refresh, outstream video units, and bigger unit sizes which generated high CPMs; all this while ensuring network partners were transacting and secured to increase the number of prebid partners mapped for the site.
  • Before going live with our units, we AB tested the unit’s performance before deploying them across his entire audience. By taking this precautionary step, we are able to determine if our optimizations provide significant uplift to his bottom line without affecting his user experience and traffic.
  • Once determining the results – looking at differences in revenue, impressions and eCPM, we would make our decision on whether to push the optimization to his entire site.

"The team at Publift are amazing. They're always quick to respond to my many questions and requests. They ensured the whole process was smooth and delivered on everything they said they would - including an impressive uplift in revenue."

Ben Colgate, Founder, PAYE.net.nz

The Results

We began optimizing for PAYE.net.nz in April 2022.

  • As a result of these efforts, we’ve been able to achieve an incredible 856% uplift in daily revenue from display ads.
  • Prior to partnering with us and the direct advertiser pulling out, display ads would have accounted for 30 - 40% of the site’s total revenue, but now, it accounts for 90% of it.
  • Our AB test also yielded positive results – we had a web interstitial/vignette unit that brought a 30% uplift in eCPM. PAYE.net.nz‘s pRPM achieved 803% growth.
  • With our Fuse tag having the ability to inject ad units remotely onto the site, our optimizations were predominantly done without needing much involvement from Ben’s team.

We continue to engage with Ben to ensure he is happy with his site while he continues to improve PAYE.net.nz for New Zealanders.

Searching for the same amount of care and attention we gave to Ben’s site? Contact us today so we can look into the best strategies for improving your ad revenue!

The Results