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What is Header Bidding?

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Programmatic Advertising FAQs

Question 1

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the process of buying and selling digital advertising space through automated technology. Before programmatic, the process of buying and selling ads meant that you had to negotiate insertion orders, set up, and report on campaigns manually.

Question 2

What does a programmatic advertising technology company do?

Programmatic ad tech companies provide access to the highly automated process of buying or selling programmatic ad inventory. Apart from the technology, (which is obviously a major plus), there are a lot of other advantages for working with a programmatic ad tech provider. Ad tech is complex and it changes fast.

Working with a trusted partner provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise to draw from, so you don’t need to focus on every aspect of the ecosystem or even implement it. This can help you to avoid potential pitfalls, as well as giving you the benefit of working with established partnerships and networks developed to maximize your outcomes. Working with a programmatic ad tech company (like Publift) also provides other benefits such as ad optimization, consolidated reporting, brand safety, training and much more through our award-winning Fuse platform.

Question 3

How does programmatic ad buying work?

Programmatic media buying includes the use of DSPs, and DMPs.

DSPs, or 'demand-side platforms' facilitate the process of buying ad inventory on the open market and provide the ability for a buyer to reach their target audience with the integration of a DMP, or 'data management platform'.

The connects buyers to seller inventory via links to SSPs, or 'supply-side platforms'. These two platforms talk to each other via APIs that create an automated marketplace.

Question 4

Is programmatic advertising effective?

Yes, when it’s done properly.

Programmatic advertising allows advertisers to find the most cost-efficient ad impressions to reach the right audience for their brand or product. For publishers, programmatic advertising campaigns offer a cost-effective way to sell their valuable ad inventory automatically. On average, Publift clients see a net uplift of 55% on their net revenue by integrating our Fuse programmatic advertising platform on their sites.

Question 5

What does programmatic advertising offer publishers?

Programmatic advertising allows publishers to increase revenue from their website by filling as much of their available inventory as possible. Because it’s flexible, publishers can sell inventory they haven’t already sold directly to advertisers to monetize and maximize the return on their valuable content.

Question 6

Why is Publift the leading global programmatic advertising platform?

Fuse is an award-winning programmatic advertising platform that publishers around the world genuinely vouch for. Take a look at our case studies to hear how Fuse has boosted revenue and profits for a host of publishers, or find how why Publift is the best programmatic advertising partner for your business. We're continually expanding our programmatic advertising operations with a global reach in mind.