What’s Yield Optimization? - Effective Yield Optimization for Publishers Explained

Naomi Khor
August 29, 2023
June 12, 2024

You're watching AdThoughts, a video series where we interview industry experts on all things ad tech. In today's episode, we chat with Brock Munro, Publift's Head of Yield & Product about Yield Optimization (and Management), why it's important for publishers, and what are the best practices surrounding it.

Yield optimization is a must-do initiative to ensure the space publishers dedicate to ads on their website is generating maximum revenue without compromising user experience. Yield optimization is the practice of using data analysis and optimization techniques to increase performance and revenue. It is a strategy used to maximize the value of digital advertising. Publishers can mobilize the practice of yield optimization to understand the elements or circumstances of these areas and exploit them to maximize efficiency.

Yield management on the other hand, is a variable pricing strategy that allows ad publishers to sell their ad inventories at best prices. Yield management results in creating an opportunity for highest prices of CPM along with maximum fill rate. Working the magic for you, cha-ching!

Read more about effective yield optimization here.

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