Ad Layout and Optimization

A huge part of maximizing your ad revenue is increasing viewability.

Viewability is set to remain a key metric by which advertisers measure success. As your viewability grows higher, you can expect to earn more and more.

Our team is layout-obsessed, making data-driven decisions in every optimization we make. We work like designers and data analysts to give you the best of both worlds.

Ad layouts are an under-rated aspect of advertising revenue, and small wins can lead to massive improvements over the span of a year. At present, humans are still the most effective medium for placing ads, as AI is still unable to take into account your users’ preferences, website aesthetic and prior optimizations you may have tested. However we, as humans, can. Our team at Publift uses in-depth data analysis tools combined with UX training to find the right fit for your website. We’re also constantly setting up experiments and pitching new strategies to drive up your revenue.

We get beta access to the freshest ad formats in the market and work with a number of innovative partners with unique and high-performing formats for your site. Our expert team will pitch you the ultimate layout for your website and will constantly be looking for new layout improvements and experimenting to drive revenue growth and keep users happy.

Ads don't always have to be a pain. Have a look through some of the beautiful ad formats you can get through our partners at Publift: 

Ad layout