What is Header Bidding?

Header bidding (or sometimes referred to as Prebid) is real-time competition between multiple advertisers from multiple partners.

Our extensive partner network includes all the big ad partners and exchanges so you capture bids from as many advertisers as possible, regardless of their buying platform. Header bidding gives each partner a fair chance to bid in real time, thus increasing competition and driving up the winning bid.


Header bidding lets you benefit from increased competition for your ad inventory and a faster auction which improves relevancy and boosts your revenue. Want a more in-depth look? Visit our blog!

What is Open Bidding?

Open Bidding is Google’s own answer to header bidding.

Like header bidding, Open Bidding opens up the bidding process to other premium network partners to increase competition for each impression. 

However, unlike header bidding, Open Bidding relies on server-to-server connections which are faster than the on-page technology header bidding relies on. This can reduce page latency and help with ad viewability and yield. On the downside, there can be a lower cookie match-rate, fewer partners (and there is also an additional revenue share from Google).


See how implementing exchange bidding has helped us increase CPM for our clients by 40% in this Google case study.

Header Bidding & Open Bidding - A Winning Combination

Both header bidding and Open Bidding offer a lot of advantages, but using both options typically provides even better outcomes.

Introducing header bidding to a site means an entire auction occurs before the ad server is involved. The additional competition for impressions from header bidding opens up the bidding to more advertisers in real-time, while open bidding opens up demand even further, ensuring the best yield for each impression.

And using our Fuse platform, you can set your own tolerances for latency to get the right balance between user experience, viewability and yield.