Pricing Automation

To squeeze more revenue out of your advertisers, you need to make sure you sell your inventory at the perfect price point. The best way to do this is to understand everything that goes into buying ads programmatically. When you find the sweet spot, you can set your inventory prices up in a way that pushes advertisers to pay more.

In the open auction, advertisers use methods like bid shading to reduce the cost of ad buying impression by impression. By continuously testing and learning new configurations, Fuse is always providing new strategies to meet advertisers in the middle, growing your revenue. We'll ensure that your business growth is sustainable.

Fuse utilizes experimental frameworks to compare different inventory setups against each other, whilst automating the statistics and number crunching.

Because the market is constantly evolving, it is important to continually test new hypotheses. Our optimization team constantly runs experiments that improve our customer’s strategies and keep revenue growth the key target.