Benefits of Team Sport for Your Business

Brock Munro
January 28, 2021
April 23, 2024
Benefits of Team Sport for Your Business

At face value you might say that sport and work are two polar opposite domains; Sport is a weekend activity with your friends, and work is, well, work.

You’d be forgiven if you didn’t place sport and business in the same category, however, the two are mutually beneficial in the way that physical activity is healthy for you or me, physical activity is healthy for a business.

The Publift team showing their athletic side

How Your Business Can Benefit From Team Sport

Office sport is a great way to brea down the 9 to 5 grind

It’s no surprise that Australian adults spend most of their time at work. What is surprising, and maybe even alarming, is that Australians are spending more time behind their desk than ever before (ABS, 2018).

The introduction of an office sporting event or sports team is an excellent way to break down the 9-to-5 workday grind and help employees exercise who can’t find the time in their busy work schedule. Studies indicate that workplace exercise can improve mood and enthusiasm in employees, leading to increased workplace productivity for a business (BMC Public Health, 2017).

Build deeper bonds and more personal work relationships

Team sport is a powerful fuel source for having your team firing on all cylinders. Sport breaks down barriers, promotes teamwork and communication, and helps create a sense of belonging and trust between employees.

Take Google for instance, fitness classes, volleyball nets, and onsite gymnasiums are just a few of the free sporting opportunities provided to Google employees to encourage health and fitness.

As Publift is the creation of two former Google executives, Colm and Tobin, Publift has adopted a similar strategy for workplace health and fitness by providing employees with personalised gym sessions with Enjoy Health & Fitness.

Drive friendly competition and challenge employees to be their best

Workplace sport can be a powerful motivator for employees to be their best. Healthy competition encourages teamwork and collaboration, challenges employees to succeed and rewards higher performance.

The key for business owners is to manage this competition in a way that is constructive and positive for employees and the business itself.

Here at Publift, office ping-pong matches and tournaments are a regular occurrence as we’ve found that they are a great way to bring out our employee’s competitive nature.

“You need to get people moving and their blood pumping to get the best from them. It clears their heads and makes them step away from detailed tasks to look at the bigger picture every now and again. That’s usually when you see a better way of solving a problem. The ping pong competition is lighthearted and gets everyone having a bit of fun together.”

- Tobin Page, Publift COO & Co-Founder

A unique, healthy way to celebrate company success or special occasions

Instead of resorting to the clique of work drinks or boozy business lunch to celebrate a special occasion, why not take part in an office sporting event? Not only is it healthier for you and your team’s liver, but it can also help you grow together by experiencing something new.

In early September, the Publift team celebrated what has been an extremely successful year, by taking some much deserved time off and road tripping down to the slopes of Thredbo. The weekend was filled with plenty of bad skiing, good times and laughter, and a treasure trove of fond memories to look back on in a few years time.

A unique, healthy way to celebrate company success or special occasions
The Publift team at skiing Thredbo
The Publift team at skiing Thredbo

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