Freaky Friday at Publift

Brock Munro
January 28, 2021
April 4, 2024
Freaky Friday at Publift

Last Friday was an unbelievably eventful day here in the Publift office. We managed to take the excitement to an entirely new level by celebrating the graduation of our 10-week internship program, hosting a Xoogler x Publift event and topping it all off with a festive Halloween party. What a day it turned out to be.

The buzz of the morning started with spider webs, Jack-O-Lanterns, eyeballs and other festive decor being strewn across the office. There’s just something about a 10-week internship coming to an end that inspires decorative creativity amongst interns.

Staff dressed up for Halloween at Publift

Intern Graduation

With the day well underway, it was time to bid farewell to our loveable, smart, enthusiastic bunch of interns. The graduation ceremony was a great way to thank them individually for the great things they contributed and an opportunity for them to reflect on what they’d learned during their program. In a matter of 10 weeks, they managed to complete a number of sustainability initiatives, research projects, and marketing tasks which helped shape their experience for future endeavours and left a lasting mark on the Publift business.

X-Google X Publift Meetup

While the farewell to the interns was a bittersweet affair, the next event was one we’d all been looking forward to with loads of anticipation, so the mood quickly changed back to the Friday buzz. A panel of brilliant X-Google talent graced us with their smarts and answered a number of insightful questions about their current ventures. As Publift is full of young talent, all eyes and ears were directed at the panel with awe and curiosity. Publift puts a massive concentration on the continued education and career development of staff so doing events like this is particularly impactful.

Publift's interns graduate with certificates

Happy Halloween From Publift!

Australian’s have a brilliant way of managing the work-life balance and Publift is happy to say we uphold these local values. To really send the day off with a bang, the Halloween party kicked off and we’re proud to say we saw some pretty epic costumes. Here are a few of our favourites:

Happy Halloween from Publift!
Publift staff dress up for Halloween
Publift staff dress up for Halloween
Publift staff dress up for Halloween
Publift staff dress up for Halloween
Publift staff dress up for Halloween
Publift staff dress up for Halloween

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