We’re Hiring! Publift Restructures to Support Expansion — Seeking to Build Customer Success Team

Brock Munro
September 20, 2021
April 4, 2024
We’re Hiring! Publift Restructures to Support Expansion — Seeking to Build Customer Success Team

Publift has seen incredible growth this past year. Our sales team has “knocked it out of the ballpark!”. The business has at times struggled to keep up with it. Historically the team has been branded as account managers (AMs) who were responsible for everything from technical problems to upselling opportunities. To adapt to this new phase of growth, we’ve restructured our operations team to three different functions. 

One area is Yield Optimisation - this is the revenue generating area of Publift. The area pioneered by my co-founder Tobin and the clear unique selling point we have compared to some competitors. Luckily we’ve got experienced and awesome members in this team. Our Yield Manager’s are experts that analyse patterns and make data-driven decisions. They increase revenue for clients by utilizing all available tactics to generate the most money possible. They get their kicks from suggesting something that yields an increase in your revenue. They work to deadlines for onboarding and also assist AMs with particular accounts. 

The second area is the Publisher Support team. This team is responsible for supporting AMs and YMs with reporting, task management, onboarding tasks, alert monitoring, blocking, technical troubleshooting, quality assurance, initial ticket management, private marketplace (PMP) & Direct Campaign setup. In particular we are finding that publishers need technical support to roll out our new features. Having a broken down technical function is having a really positive impact on increasing publishers revenue. 

The third and final part of our jigsaw is customer experience. This is the face of Publift. This is the wing of Publift that communicates directly with clients. As we’ve grown, we need to find new ways to communicate with our clients in a global and scalable way. This team strategizes, priotizes, thinks big picture, puts themselves in the shoes of a customer, and has a good knowledge of the landscape. 

A$1000 allocation for referral of the right candidate

We have 2 roles available to join the customer success team. The senior role is aimed at talents with 5 years of experience working on the publisher side. You’ll have previous background in helping businesses exceed their goals. The junior role will support the customer success manager. As mentioned in the video, we’ll be giving away A$1,000 to anyone who refers us to the right candidate, so if you know of anyone who sounds like a great fit, do reach out.

Why should you consider working at Publift?
We have a diverse young ambitious team intent on learning, growing, and having some fun. We’ve created an autonomous working environment where you’ll be given a problem to work out and asked to solve it independently. Publift people thrive on this. 

We operate in an industry where most startups are met with countless barriers to success, and many companies simply don’t succeed. Publift has navigated the almost insurmountable odds, and has quickly become a profitable business on an incredible growth trajectory. With this comes plenty of opportunity for each member of our team to find success and kick their own career goals and aspirations.

One of the unique parts of our culture is diversity. Everyone comes from a variety of backgrounds. We’ve all got our quirks and often late night conversations can turn pretty philosophical — it's certainly my second family!

Working from home is certainly interesting. Since the last lockdown we introduced one day per week working from home (WFH). This worked pretty well, we are always flexible if people want more. But after the last few months at home, everyone is craving that social interaction. It’s one of the benefits of Publift  — we’ve got a penthouse office with balconies on both sides, we’ve got an auditorium, but crucially we’ve got a team, a family that just likes hanging out. Whether that is through monthly social occasions or brainstorming in the boardroom, we are constantly having fun learning or both.

This business is very much an office based culture and we will get straight back in as soon as regulations allow us to do so. WFH can work when the individual has a good support network in terms of immediate family at home. But young people need daily social interaction, it's part of our DNA as human beings and we are fully invested in making this happen ASAP!

If you’re interested in joining the customer success team, making an impact in the lives of publishers, and working with an awesome group of people, do apply through our website here or through our LinkedIn page. If you have any questions about the roles, feel free to reach out to me here!

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