COVID-19 Revenue and CPM Impact Q2 2020 Update

Brock Munro
January 27, 2021
June 28, 2024
COVID-19 Revenue and CPM Impact Q2 2020 Update

Hi There,

I hope you and your family continue to stay safe and well.

July, like most years, was weaker than June. As mentioned in June’s Publift Scoop, seasonality impacts CPM – we go from the strong peak at the end of Financial Year (end of June in Australia/NZ) to a poor July where the new Quarter and new advertising budgets slowly start. We see this every year as advertisers splurge their budget on campaigns at the end of June.

Whilst we had braced ourselves for this drop, it was much harder to predict how big the seasonal drop would be with COVID in the picture. Across all the publisher’s we manage we saw a CPM drop of roughly 20% in early July Vs the June peak. This was slightly lower than the CPM drop we saw in 2019. We’re already seeing recovering CPM numbers in late July and early August – which hopefully means we’ll see a better quarter for advertising revenue than initially projected with COVID.

Below is a summary of what we’re seeing comparing the month of month decline in CPM by vertical.

Month of month decline in CPM by vertical in June to July 2020

Below is a summary of what we’re seeing comparing the year on year decline in July’s CPM by market.

YoY decline in CPM in AU, US and UK in July 2020
  • Australian CPM is down by 20% Year on Year
  • USA’s CPM is down by 10% Year on Year
  • UK’s CPM is down by 25% Year on Year

Again, I’m happy to discuss any of this in more detail. Feel free to book a call in with me using the link here.

Stay safe,

Colm Dolan, CEO Publift

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