People of Publift: Meet Gina

Brock Munro
January 18, 2024
June 27, 2024
People of Publift: Meet Gina

People of Publift: Celebrating our Amazing Publifters!

Introducing the incredible Gina Chow — a seasoned Senior Success Manager at Publift. With a career kickstarted on the publisher-side, Gina has honed her expertise at industry giants such as Yahoo, Bloomberg, TripleLift, and TripAdvisor. Armed with over a decade of experience, she's been a firsthand witness to the shifts within the AdTech world! 

Through this engaging conversation, Gina reveals her insights into the ever-evolving AdTech realm, weaving a narrative that reflects her passion and commitment. Join us as she shares her ambitious goals at Publift, and stay tuned until the end to know if you enjoy the same artists as Gina! 🚀🎨

  1. What does your usual work (from-home) day look like?
    A cup of coffee to start the morning routine is A MUST. Next is diving into numbers and revenue of our publishers, firstly to make sure their performance is tracking smoothly. Once I've made sure of that, I would set aside some time identifying what's going well and what can be improved. Working remotely in Singapore means I have less face-time with the team. I have a little bit of FOMO, so a part of my schedule now includes weekly calls with each of my teammates to know how everyone has been getting along in work and in life. 
  1. You’ve been working on the publisher-side for a while now. Coming from TripleLift, Bloomberg and Tripadvisor, are there any experiences or expertise that you’re excited to bring to Publift?
    Having worked on the publisher-side since the beginning of my career has given me a really good perspective of how companies prioritize and strategize their media sales business, as well as understanding their challenges and concerns when it comes to embarking on the programmatic journey. This in turn, allows me to share my knowledge with the broader team. And with this understanding, it helps me position Publift better and how we can boost publisher performance.
  1. Being in the industry for over a decade, how has the scene evolved? What are some key skills that publishers need to have in their toolshed to stay relevant and thrive? Or what new challenges do publishers face that weren’t around just a few years ago?
    When I first stepped into the digital advertising scene more than 15 years ago, things were much simpler, where the only buy type were CPMs. The most interesting ad buys those days were Homepage Takeovers and expandable rich media formats. “Ad networks and programmatic?? What is that???” is the type of response you might have gotten back then. Within a short span of time, the scene and technology evolved so much as different buying models and ad technologies were made available to brands. Data has gotten more robust, empowering brands to make concise marketing decisions.

    In this ever-evolving digital scene, there’s always bound to be change and new challenges everyday. Just like in any aspect of our lives, it is important not just for publishers, but also for all of us to be prepared to step out of our comfort zone, embrace these changes, understand them and make the best of it. 
  1. What are you most looking forward to doing or achieving with Publift?
    I’ve always been servicing media agencies and brands in the past. I look forward to working on a different part of the spectrum and partnering closely with Publishers to improve their performance. I’ve learned a lot about the industry through executing media campaigns, driving clicks, traffic, and conversions. I didn’t necessarily get to see the impact or effect on the brand’s ROI immediately with every optimization that we made. However, being on the ad tech side, almost every change or implementation provides us with immediate feedback, sometimes that satisfaction is almost immediate too. And this is what I look forward to doing!
  1. To give us a sneak peek of yourself, spill three of your favorite singers!
    Ah! The genre of songs that I like varies and changes pretty frequently.. Haha.. I have too many favorites to name, honestly!
    But currently, I love BTS from Korea. They are really talented and I truly admire how much they have sacrificed from a young age to pursue the entertainment scene. And if you’ve watched any of their live performances, their dance choreography and coordination would blow your mind off!
    I like Coldplay too, ever since their breakthrough single, ‘Yellow’ was released. Though they are a rock group, I love how their songs incorporate elements of melodic piano-driven pop music.
    GEM Tang from Hong Kong is my next favorite. A talented singer-songwriter, she may be petite but she’s got extremely powerful vocals. She never fails to put up a good live performance with ballads and rock songs!

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