IAB NZ Digital Overview

Kayci Scaggs
May 25, 2016
IAB NZ Digital Overview

Publift was delighted to present to some of New Zealand’s biggest publishers (Fairfax, TVNZ, Bauer) and advertisers (Acquire Online, Mightyape, Groupon) in their Digital Overview conference on Friday 20th May 2016.

Colm discussed the optimal Yield Management Strategy & new trends in the market such as header bidding & Private Marketplace deals.

You can find the Network Tracking Template used in the discussion here. Feel free to make a copy of the template and apply it to your networks. You can also find the presentation here. Please leave any comments below this post if you want help using these resources.

Alternatively, If you need help implementing some of the strategies from yesterday feel free to contact Colm at colm@publift.com or 0428042668.

Publift CEO Colm speaks at the IAB New Zealand digital overview event
Colm Dolan, Publift CEO discussing Yield Management Strategy and new trends in the market

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