PubChat Melbourne 2018

Brock Munro
January 28, 2021
April 4, 2024
PubChat Melbourne 2018

Publift hosted an informal “PubChat” with many of Melbourne’s leading online publishers. This was a great opportunity to get to know our clients on a personal level and to get more of idea how we can support them.

We discussed a range of issues including:

Our latest product features added to the platform and our roadmap for the rest of the year – Next time I’ll bring along our technical guys to discuss in more detail!

Agency/network performance – we discussed the impact of header bidding and Exchange Bidding and gave overall benchmarking CPM figures of each SSP’s performance. We also discussed the changing buying patterns of advertising.

GDPR – A big part of our discussion was the impact this would have on Australian publishers. Again, a major unknown. Thanks to Jonas from the IAB Australia who gave some great insight and resources followup.

How we can improve Publift’s offering – Biggest thing was more live meetups, especially in a pub! Gath was a big advocate…

“Thanks a lot for organising. Its really great that you guys take the time and effort to organise events like these. I love meeting other publishers and new friends. Combining that with a beer is fantastic.”

- Gath,

Publift's PubChat event in Melbourne 2018

“The session was a great educator to find out what Publift are doing with the advertising on my site! Their plug and play setup has really improved revenue. But its reassuring to know how much resources they are putting into developing the existing product.”

- Clifford, Australian Frequent Flyer

Publishers and staff chat at Publift's PubChat event in Melbourne 2018

“PubChat is a great event and it’s wonderful to see the Publift team putting on a quality customer-focused event for small publishers. It was obvious from the discussions held at the event I attended that each client highly values the insights into improving performance, what advertising technology can do for them and the importance of good consultative service.”

- Jonas Jaanimagi, IAB Australia.

Thanks so much for coming guys. We look forward to hosting more of these sessions and next stop Sydney!

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