PubChat Sydney 2018

Brock Munro
January 28, 2021
April 4, 2024
PubChat Sydney 2018

Following the success we had at our first PubChat event hosted in Melbourne last month, we thought it would be valuable to do the same in our home town of Sydney.

We decided to host these largely informal events for publisher’s and those within the ad tech industry, in an effort to better understand the valued opinions of our clients & partners, as well as supporting each other in the work we do.

Publift's PubChat event in Sydney 2018

Product Update

Publift’s account management lead, Brock, kicked things off with a discussion on the integration of our Fuse tags on publisher’s sites, analysing what went into the product to see an average uplift of 33.4% (net revenue) to our clients. Brock ran through updates to the Publift dashboard, which is easing the workload put into reporting for publishers. This was a perfect setting to receive feedback for the product team, which they can integrate in the next product cycle.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

You may have seen a significant increase in privacy policy violations in the last couple of weeks. Why? GDPR is here! We gained insight into what each attendee thought about the new regulation surrounding data collection and use in the EU. Consent management was one of the key topics. As such, Publift is  already developing a tool to ensure compliance without losing the benefit of personalised ads.

Network Performance and PMP Deal Management

Dan, who works among the commercial team at Publift discussed our network partner strategy, as well as how Publift is setting up & executing programmatic deals for our publisher’s.

One thing that stood out was the increasing performance & revenue share of networks in competition with Google.

Network Performance and PMP Deal Management
April 2018 Publift Revenue

Why is this the case?

Simple, Publift’s agnostic strategy of executing both header bidding & exchange bidding has led to a more equal playing field, leading to increased competition & CPM’s.

Another factor is the increasing amount of programmatic deal activity running through the ssp‘s. We’ve had great success with our partners, whom we have been working closely with to acquire, setup & deliver programmatic deals.

More PMP’s = better cpm‘s!

Thanks to all our attendee’s for coming along! It’s great to bring publisher’s and those in the industry together to share and explore ideas in the market today.


“Being a small publisher without a large team can be a lonely existence and one of the biggest issues we face is simply not knowing what we don’t know. These events put on by Publift are a great way to connect with industry experts and other publishers with far more experience than we have. It has been very rewarding for us to be a part of a community who are so eager to share and learn from each other.” Simon Hampel, Propertychat

“This was a great event to meet other publishers and discuss the main issues in the industry. It was great to get so many different perspectives. Looking forward to the next one!” Dave Heysen, Oasis/RSVP

We look forward to our next PubChat event!

Publishers mingle at Publift's PubChat in Sydney 2018

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