The Publift Scoop October Edition

Brock Munro
January 8, 2021
June 28, 2024
The Publift Scoop October Edition

The Publift Scoop

Welcome to the Publift Scoop for October!

Seasonal Snapshot

With great resilience, we’ve made it to the final stretch of an interesting 2020!

Whilst we constantly anticipated the direction of our digital industry from month to month, programmatic media buying is still on the rise!

Reflecting on our CPM trend this year, we’ve definitely seen a steady increase in CPM leading out of October. With this in mind, we’re expecting a bigger and better performing November as we enter the busiest months of the year. Brands are making a comeback as they move back into investing in digital marketing.

October 2020 CPM trend

Below is a summary of what we’re seeing comparing the year on year fluctuations in CPM.

After experiencing a consistent decline in CPM this year, it’s great to see the market improve as October introduces our first uplift in average CPM. Although the AU market has not experienced the same uptick as the US and UK, we’re definitely seeing our performance stabilize from September onwards.

AU, US and UK YoY CPM comparison for October

Commercial Team Update

Here are some updates from our Commercial team.

New Demand

Great news! Our team has recently integrated a new network called Appmonet to the Fuse platform. We’re actively working on rolling out the new network this quarter to all publishers. With Appmonet:

  • Publishers monetize more traffic on Safari, Firefox and other no/low cookie environments
  • Advertisers have better optics over publisher inventory
  • Mobile and desktop inventory is optimized on all browsers including MS Edge and Chrome

GCPP Customer Satisfaction Surveys by Qualtrics

You may have received a survey from Qualtrics asking for feedback on your experience working with us. It would mean a lot if you could take a few minutes to answer the 15 question survey. This will help us better understand how to serve our valued publishers going forward!

Product Update

Reporting Dashboard Upgrade

We’ve made improvements to your reporting dashboard, upgrading your payment reporting capabilities.

CMP updates for TCF 2.0

We’ve been updating our tag structures in response to Google’s increased focus on security around consent management from November 13th. This will ensure that you will not experience an increase in non-personalized ads or decreased eCPM. We’re taking care of all necessary changes on our end.

Publift in the Press

IAB Australia – Publift’s AdWizard Chrome extension is featured by IAB as one of ad tech’s most handy free tools!

University of Limerick Alumni – Publift CEO Colm Dolan features in University of Limerick Alumni’s Alumni Week.

The Mindful Fire Podcast – Colm talks to Adam Coelho on The Mindful Fire Podcast, reflecting on entrepreneurship as a spiritual practice

Mumbrella– Congratulations to Man of Many and We Are Explorers for winning Website of the Year and Consumer Publication of the Year at the Mumbrella Publish Awards!

New Blog Content

Contextual advertising is forecast to grow worldwide by US$279.2 billion. Learn more!

Learn the basics of yield optimization so you can strategically optimize your advertising yield as your business grows!

What Our Publifters Are Up To

A Happy Halloween from Publift!

Halloween at Publift 2020

This month our Sydney office was lucky enough to get together and dress up for a screamin’ fun night. Who do you think won best dressed!?

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