12 Best Interstitial Ad Networks for Publishers in 2024

Brock Munro
August 27, 2021
June 28, 2024
12 Best Interstitial Ad Networks for Publishers in 2024

Interstitial ads have grown to become one of the most popular ad formats for publishers and app developers working across both android and IOs. 

Statistics show that interstitials are the second most popular ad format behind rewarded ads today, with 57% of game publishers using them to monetize their mobile apps and maximize their ad revenue. 

This article recaps the basics of interstitials, best practices around placement, and the best interstitial ad networks for publishers in 2024.

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Mobile Interstitial Ads

Interstitial Ads: Best Practice for Publishers

Best Interstitial Mobile Ad Network 2024

Interstitial Ad Networks FAQ

12 Best Interstitial Mobile Ad Network 2024:

1. Ad Mob

2. AdColony

3. AdXXX

4. AppLovin

5. AppNext

6. ExoClick

7. Facebook Audience Network

8. Fyber

9. InMobi

10. MediaNet

11. StartApp

12. TapJoy

Mobile Interstitial Ads

While interstitials are available for both mobile and desktop ad campaigns, they are most commonly seen in mobile apps and are particularly popular with mobile game developers. 

These rich media, interactive ads, are full-screen ads that cover the entire screen of a host app or device. After watching a certain percentage of the ad, mobile users then have the option to perform one of the following options:

  • Close the ad and return to the mobile app
  • Continue to watch through the entire ad
  • Tap the ad and visit the ad’s destination page

Interstitials can be interactive, rich media ads featuring video content or static ads featuring simple text and images and are adaptable for both ios and android devices. This makes them one of the most innovative ad formats out there. 

Due to their high ad viewability, immunity to ad blockers, and creative dynamism, when implemented correctly, interstitials are an excellent choice for most mobile web platforms. 

Interstitial Ads: Best Practice for Publishers

While the stats around Interstitial ad revenue are undeniable, with research showing that click-through rates are 18 times higher than with banner ads,  incorrect implementation can interfere with user experience, lead to page lag and negatively affect ad revenue opportunities.

Before examining which interstitial ad network may best suit their needs, publishers should first understand interstitial ad best practices in order to leverage the monetization platforms for maximum ROI. 

Ultimately, interstitial ad placement best practice comes down to timing. Google states that interstitial ads ​​should be placed at a point in the game to ‘complement the natural flow of user engagement’.  

Google advises publishers that they should ask themselves the following questions when it comes to interstitial implementation.

  • How will the user be engaging with my app at the time?
  • Will the user be surprised by the interstitial ad?
  • Is this the right time for an interstitial?

Best Interstitial Mobile Ad Network 2024

Here are the best mobile ad networks and monetization platforms for serving interstitial ads in 2024.

1. Ad Mob

Ad Mob

One of the top mobile ad networks, Google AdMob, was designed specifically with app developers in mind. AdMob supports various ad formats, including native ads, banners, interstitial, video ads, and rewarded ads. 

AdMob prides itself on offering advanced monetization technology for maximum revenue, along with robust reporting and measurement tools to analyze user behavior.

2. AdColony


Created in 2011 by mobile developers, AntColony has grown into one of the largest mobile monetization platforms in the world. 

Reaching more than 1.5 billion users globally, AntColony is known for their HD interactive video and playable technologies. 

3. AdXXX


With over ten years of experience in the online ad business, AdXXX specializes in native advertising for the adult entertainment industry.

Their real-time bidding system has shown proven results for advertisers and publishers alike.

AdXXX has 960,000,000 ad views daily, with extensive coverage in 180 countries and 500 million clicks processed monthly.

This niche platform offers payments via ​​Paxum, PayPal, ePayments, Webmoney, and Wire.

4. AppLovin


One of the most popular ad networks for mobile ads, AppLovin specializes in user acquisition and retention through the use of advanced analytics. 

Founded in 2011, AppLovin supports monetization across multiple mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, Amazon, and others.

Ad Revenue can be calculated on either a CPA or CPC model with a low minimum payout threshold. 

AppLovin not only supports the interstitial ad format but other ad formats, such as banners, video ads, and native ads. 

5. AppNext


Developed In India and mainly serving the Asian marketplace,  AppNext is a leading mobile app discovery platform, helping over 650 million users worldwide to discover relevant apps based on their preferences, daily habits, and unique real-life context.

AppNext works with 60,000 ad developers to serve more than 35 billion impressions per month. AppNext supports the use of interstitials, Appnext SDK, mobile web ad widgets and API.

Payout occurs monthly via wire transfer or PayPal.

6. ExoClick


Specializing in ad targeting and offering a 100% fill rate, ExoClick is an ad network that offers a SaaS technology solution for both web and mobile developers. Offering real-time analytics, on-time payments, 24/7 support, and a 5% lifetime commission on referrals, ExoClick is one of the best ad networks for publishers looking to serve ads to mobile devices. 

ExoClick supports a wide range of ad formats, including interstitial, push notification, email clicks, in-stream video, video slider, in-video, and video banners and pop-unders.

7. Facebook Audience Network

Facebook Audience Network

A comparatively new player in the ad network game, Facebook Audience Network(FAN) was developed by Facebook to serve display ads on the Facebook mobile web and app. It also works to feed ads to other apps through what it calls the ‘audience network’. 

Perhaps the best mobile ad network for publishers working in the social space, FAN supports banner, native and interstitial ads.  

8. Fyber


Priding themselves as one of the leading independent ad networks, Fyber works with developers, publishers, advertisers and agencies, other ad networks, and DSPs. 

Fyber’s programmatic ads are IAB-standard compliant and include interstitials, video advertisements, performance campaigns, and user acquisition campaigns.

9. InMobi


The largest mobile advertising platform in the digital ecosystem, InMobi reaches over 1.5 billion unique devices across the globe.

Initially founded in 2007 as an ​​SMS-based search service, in 2008 they rebranded and redefined themselves to focus on mobile advertising. 

InMobi supports a range of ad formats, including interstitial ads, banners, rewarded video ads, and native ads. 

InMobi operates under a CPM-based revenue model, however, they do not disclose their publisher revenue share.

10. MediaNet


MediaNet is one of the highest-paying contextual ad networks, working with big-name news publishers such as Forbes, WebMD, CNN, and Reuters.

They only work with publishers with high-quality content and have a list of requirements publishers must meet before joining their program.

Websites looking to join with the Medianet app ad network must:

  • Contain content in native English
  • Receive the majority of their traffic from the UK, US, and/or Canada
  • Feature original content
  • Have regularly updated content
  • Have a large number of site visitors
  • Not infringe upon third party intellectual property rights
  • Feature a quality UX

11. StartApp


An innovative mobile advertising network, StartApp is currently connected with 220,000 apps and is operating with a database of over 1.4 billion mobile users across the globe. 

Offering quality UX and advanced analytics, SmartApp specializes in monetizing social networking and messaging apps. 

StartApp guarantees a 100% fill rate for publishers' mobile inventory, leading to higher conversion rates.

StartApp supports interstitial ad formats, banner ads, app wall, and entry/exit ads.

12. TapJoy 


Founded in 2007, TapJoy advertises itself as a mobile advertising, market research, and app monetization solution. 

TapJoy operates slightly differently from many other ad networks in that it operates on a system of in-app virtual currency.  By watching video ads, downloading promoted apps, or subscribing to other services, users earn currency that can then be used for in-app purchases. Tapjoy offers an excellent option for publishers looking to monetize their mobile apps without charging their users. 

Interstitial Ad Networks FAQ

What is an Interstitial Ad?

An interstitial ad is a full-screen ad that covers the entire interface of a host app or screen. Interstitials appear on mobile devices at natural transition points throughout an app or game. Due to their high viewability, these ads have a high click-through rate and high return on investment for publishers, particularly when implemented in the right way.

How Much do Interstitials Pay?

As with all ads in the digital space, how much they pay depends on several factors, including the platform publishers are using to serve their ads, the revenue model they choose to adopt, their audience, and the ad creative. Therefore publishers should do their research to ensure the ad network they choose offers the best return of their advertising dollar.

What Should Publishers Look For In an Interstitial Mobile Ad Network?

When choosing an interstitial ad network, publishers should consider a range of elements. Publishers should look to select a network that offers reasonable rates paid on a timely basis, audience targeting, quality graphics in multiple formats, and a revenue model that suits their needs.

Interstitial ads have many benefits for mobile publishers looking to monetize their sites for maximum return on their marketing dime.

Some of the advantages of this ad format include their ability to overcome the size limitations of a mobile device by leveraging the entire screen, in turn creating high ad viewability and increased conversion rates. 

Publishers working with interstitials can look to the above networks in order to ensure they are following best practices in regards to placement and targeting their audience at the right times.

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