Publift at the 2018 Google AdX Bootcamp

Brock Munro
January 8, 2021
June 28, 2024
Publift at the 2018 Google AdX Bootcamp

Publift had the awesome opportunity to once again be a part of the annual Google Ad Exchange Bootcamp. This year the event was held at Google’s offices by the water in Pyrmont on the 1st of May.

Publift team members Brock & Dan spoke to a wide range of Publishers on all things Exchange Bidding, including the successes we have had using the product as well as how our outsourced ad management platform Fuse has influenced more than 50 Publishers.

See our Fuse product guide here: FUSE PRODUCT GUIDE

Publift at the 2018 Google AdX Bootcamp

Google kicked off the day with some product highlights including:

– Native
Programmatic Guaranteed
Outstream Video

One of the biggest takeaways from this was the performance of out-stream video ads. Initial results showed an 8.9x increase in CPMs over standard banner ads served through AdX.

This has been enabled across all Publift clients, and we’re already seeing some impressive results!

Next Up Was Publift

Dan began by giving an introduction into who and what we do at Publift, and why we’re in this market.

The message was simple; we want to make Publisher’s lives easy.

Brock then spoke about all things Real Time Bidding. How header bidding matches up with Exchange Bidding, some of the results we’ve seen, the requirements needed & the best exchanges we have worked with.

Our presentation concluded with Dan taking the Publisher’s through a step-by-step guide on how to get started with Exchange bidding.

What Do Our Customers Think?

"Publift's platform Fuse has allowed The New Daily to access new buyers in the market through out integration with Exchange Bidding. Their team successfully managed out contract negotiation and implementation process."

- Ingrid Von Bibra, Publishing Manager, The New Daily

The rest of the day proved to be extremely resourceful with Google taking us through:

  • Troubleshooting & reporting insights
  • Double-click Bid Manager Demo & the buyer’s perspective
  • Data Studio
Data studio tools

An interesting takeaway from this was a breakdown of the 9 main reasons that PG deals don’t transact:

1. Publisher side blocks
2. Being outbid
3. Narrow targeting
4. Creative Requirements
5. Inventory & targeting mismatches
6. Zero or few bid requests
7. Creative Approvals
8. Landing Page mapping
9. Admin settings

Some more exciting news for Publisher’s is the introduction of a new Google product known as ‘Optimised Competition’.

What the Hell Is It?

Optimised competition gives DFP remnant line items, Ad Exchange buyers, and Exchange Bidding buyers a better opportunity to compete when they are willing to pay high prices relative to reservations.

The great news? This is already live across all of Publift’s Publisher’s!

The day ended with some beer, wine and nibbles. It was great to see all the different Publisher’s on the day come together to share & explore their ideas and experiences in the market.

We look forward to 2019!

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